TOTAL DIVAS 411: Paige’s Unwanted Proposal

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Don’t put a ring even close to it is the theme of this episode of “Total Divas” when with Paige and her boyfriend Kevin went jewelry shopping and she thought it was odd he was asking her questions. Naomi said her husband John is so funny he could be a stand-up comedian. She said she wanted him to explore other career options. Brie and Nikki had a picnic lunch in Central Park. Paige said her friends thought Kevin was going to propose marriage to her and that is why he was asking her questions in the jewelry store. She said she was stressed out and not ready to be married or even engaged.

Brie, Daniel Bryan, Brie’s mom, brother and sister in law met for lunch to celebrate Daniel Bryan’s birthday. They talked about Brie and Daniel’s future and the future of his wrestling career. Dolph Ziggler said he could get John Cena a stand-up comedy opportunity at the Laugh Factory in L.A. John practiced stand-up comedy at home in front of Naomi and her dad. Naomi said she didn’t think it was going to consist of jokes about her. She told Dolph Ziggler John’s comedy was horrible because it was all mean jokes about her.

Paige and Kevin went on a date and she was afraid he was going to propose to her. She kept changing up the subject when he was talking about romance. She went to the bathroom and called Alicia. She said she thought Kevin was going to propose and she couldn’t handle it.

Brie told Daniel Bryan his health is more important to her than money. She said he was living in the moment and couldn’t imagine his wrestling career being over. John said he was nervous to be performing at the Laugh Factory and didn’t know if he was funny enough. Dolph Ziggler and Naomi were there to see him perform. Naomi called it the moment of truth.

Paige and Kevin went to a tattoo shop. Kevin showed her a tattoo he had that said “will you marry me.” Then he got down on one knee and presented her with a ring. Paige said yes and Kevin put the ring on her finger.