BRING IT! 221 Get Yo Pom Poms In A Panic

bring it 219 recap pom pom panic images 2015

bring it 219 recap pom pom panic images 2015Another team coach with an attitude arrives on this episode on Bring It, the girls compete in a very important and different kind of battle. Dianna also reflects on the summer season and feels that the drama she’s been going through with other coaches has almost threw her off her game because she’s had to focus more on the adults than the girls. But, of course, we all know there is no stopping her from losing focus.

The Dancing Dolls compete in the pompom competition at Port City Majorette Battle and only the top four from that competition will get a chance to compete in the stand battle.

Dianna does not make the usual three dancers compete for solo captain spot, one of the three categories they are dancing in this week. She chooses Camryn for the routine. Dianna pretty much as her dancing in a cage with the theme “unleash the beast.” Hmmmm, a young girl, dancing in a cage… IDK how age appropriate that is but hey, it’s TV so go figure.

This week too, Dianna shows a soft side as she and her husband renew their vows. Miss D tries to show calm putting all her focus into practicing but the girls bring out the excitement in her. Since this is going down, the moms, in particular Mimi (suck up) decide to throw her a bachelorette party.

As far as leading the girls in the stand battle, Dianna picks MaKalah since she did such a good job last week when she, Camyrn and Crystianna competed and won the trio captain stance. Mimi, of course, throws shade because to her, Carmyn is the greatest thing since Janet Jackson, but you know how mommas are. They believe that their kids are the best so.

One of their biggest completions this week (there are two) is the Southern Royalettes and their coach, Sharon, is coming for Dianna. They may be new but they are picking up trophies “left and right.” Sharon believes that because she is a trained teacher skilled in a variety of dance genres, that experiencing gives her girls an upper hand over the Dancing Dolls. “Dianna has a great team but when we hit the floor all the audience is going to be cheering Southern Royalettes.

Mixed into the competition is the Columbus Jaguars and it is clear the their coach is extremely petty. He leaves a note on the Dollhouse’s door to let Dianna and the girls know that he is going to “beat their butts.” This of course doesn’t sit well with Miss D because of all the ways to “talk trash” you leave a letter on the door? Um, okay.

Moving on from that, the girls have trouble learning the pompom routine as they just can’t seem to get it together. They are running out of time and Dianna is running out of patience, especially because they can’t move on to practice for the stand battle routine.

While Dianna is giving it to the girls, Mimi and the other mom’s throw her bachelorette party in the parents lounge. Mimi knows that it is going to be hard to get her in the back but comes up with a “story” to get her attention. She tells her that two of the moms are fighting and as Dianna comes in, the surprise her.

The ladies have a good time and Dianna actually has a good time too. She sits back, smiles and says “thank you” to all of them. It is just a good moment for the show. No fighting, no shade (from what they showed) and no yelling. Yay!

On the day of competition, DD’s two biggest rivals are ready for them. All three teams look good but of course it is all about the Dancing Dolls and they look great on the floor. Although Dianna and the moms think the girls did well, the judges don’t crack a smile, which kind of alarms Dianna but she stays calm.

In between the competitions, while waiting on the judges to decide who moves on to the stand battle, Dianna and the Columbus Jaguars’ coach have a little run in. He acts like he knows her, she asks who are you, he says the one who left the note on the Dollhouse’s door and she lets him have it. She tells him how petty it was and silly and he “disagrees.” It then just escalates too quickly. I mean it just gets so out of hand that security steps in. There is cussing and yelling and … just… no man should be that petty with a woman. Period. Sigh… but I digress.

Next up is the captain solo competition and Mimi is a little worried because Carmyn hasn’t had time to really practice. First out on the dance floor are the Southern Royalettes and they are a really good team, doing flips, moves and all that jazz. Then Carmyn comes out in her cage. While it is indeed, a little over the top, it works and she does great because guess what, she doesn’t actually dance in the cage.  I have to admit, this is probably the best I have ever seen her dance.

The girls make it into the top four and are ready to win the stand battle. DD goes against the Exquisite Starlets and they beat them, advancing to the final round. As for the other two teams, the Southern Royalettes beat the Columbus Jaguars, which is just sweet victory for Dianna.

In the stand battle, they girls are doing very well, until one of the lifts goes wrong. But none of that matters because the Dancing Dolls win first place in every category in which they danced.

In the end, at Dianna’s wedding, everyone has a great time, as Dianna truly looks amazing. It is a beautiful wedding, people cry, even Miss D herself and is the perfect ending to the episode.

There are only a few more competitions left before the big Summer Slam and the revealing of DD’s new captain.