TOTAL DIVAS 405: Tea Mode & Eva Marie’s Bruise Cover Up

total divas 405 tea mode eva marie with boyfriend training 2015

Past love and bruises were the big topics on this week’s episode of “Total Divas” the divas prepared for their overseas tour. Alicia Fox admitted she still loves ex-boyfriend Wade Barrett even though he has a girlfriend. Alicia Fox met a basketball player backstage at RAW that she was attracted to.

Eva Marie said she was feeling more confident now that she is training again. Brie said she and Daniel Bryan wouldn’t be together on their first wedding anniversary because they were being sent to different places for the overseas tour. Alicia Fox said that she knows Wade Barrett and his girlfriend are having issues and that she would be able to tell Wade she still loves him.

Eva Marie went to a body paint artist so he could cover up her bruises from training. After she posted a photo on Instagram of her with bruises she said people thought her husband was beating her. She and Jonathan went out to a restaurant and someone at the restaurant offered her help if she was being abused. Eva Marie felt awkward after that so they left the restaurant.

eva marie jonathan bruise cover up total divas 2015 405

In Ireland Alicia Fox and Natalya talked about Alicia’s feelings for Wade Barrett. Rosa said Alicia should move forward and not think about the past. Alicia said she wanted to tell Wade she still loves him but she is afraid of being rejected. Natalya kept pushing Alicia to talk to Wade to give herself closure.

Alicia knocked on Wade’s hotel room door while Natalya and Naomi hid from sight. She then freaked out and ran away before he could answer the door.

Brie and Nikki got ready for tea time with Paige. Nikki said tea time was fun but Paige didn’t seem to like it. She said she felt stupid and tea time wasn’t for her. After Paige left Nikki speculated that she did something wrong. Paige went to a bar and hung out with Lana and Naomi. Paige accused Nikki of being phony at tea time and Nikki said she was a bitch for it.

Paige talked to Brie about how Paige didn’t like tea time even though Nikki did. Paige said she and Nikki are in two different stages of life right now.

Nikki and John Cena took Brie out to celebrate her wedding anniversary since Daniel Bryan wasn’t with her. Nikki talked about how she always wanted to be glamorous when she was younger.

Rosa Mendes called Alicia a homewrecker for pursing Wade Barrett even though he has a girlfriend.

The divas arrived in London for a show and Alicia spotted Wade Barrett and his new girlfriend backstage. She said she only wants the best for Wade but it killed her to be nice to his girlfriend.

Paige apologized to Nikki for disliking tea time. Nikki said that the way Paige acted hurt her but she understood she and Paige were different.

Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox went to a bar after the show and Alicia said it was time for her to put herself out there and meet someone.