BIG BROTHER 1721 Vanessa Feels Becky’s Game

big brother 1721 vanessa feels becky game play 2015 images

big brother 1721 vanessa feels becky game play 2015 imagesVanessa said she didn’t think Becky had any game in her last week, but she felt it hit her hard on tonight’s episode of “Big Brother.” Steve said he and Becky don’t get along so since he’s up for eviction this week he hopes she goes up for eviction next week. Shelli said she was alone now and was going into the game guns a blazin’. Vanessa told Shelli she is the only one in the game she trusts. Shelli said she should tell Vanessa she’s a target for eviction but that isn’t good for Shelli’s game. Vanessa asked Steve to pick her for this week’s power of veto. John said he needed to be close with Shelli because he doesn’t have many allies in the game. He also said their goal was to send Vanessa home. Shelli said now that Clay is gone from the game she is leaning on John because she really needs him, Steve said he wanted to help Vanessa by making himself a target instead of her. John said no one was going after Steve even though Steve didn’t realize that. Steve and John said they were trusting each other. They agreed Vanessa is the smartest person in the game and she needs to go.

Liz said her relationship with Austin is growing because his personality has finally won her over. Becky picked Austin and Shelli chose Vanessa to participate in this week’s power of veto competition. Steve chose Meg for the competition. Steve and John were upset Shelli chose Vanessa for the power of veto competition this week. Shelli said John looked unhappy he wasn’t chosen for the competition.

This week’s power of veto competition was for one player at a time. Each player had to ride a zipline, look at a wall of comic books and memorize the order of the titles to replicate the order on a life sized computer screen. Shelli said Becky told her she’s not a target this week but Shelli still wanted to win power of veto to keep herself safe in the game. Steve said he wanted to win power of veto because you never know what could happen when you’re up for eviction. He complained Becky kept screwing him over in this game. Vanessa said she needed to win power of veto to protect herself.

big brother 1721 vanessa blindsided by becky 2015Becky said it would be horrible if Vanessa wins power of veto. Steve ended up winning power of veto for the week and Becky was ecstatic over this because it kept her from getting into a sticky situation in the game. James said Becky seemed like a straight shooter. He also said he was trying to stay out of everything this week. Vanessa said she got extra blood on her hands keeping her word to Becky and Vanessa thought Becky owed her for that. Becky said she didn’t owe Vanessa anything.

Vanessa said she and Becky speak two different languages but they have a deal in place. Meg declared that Vanessa was going home this week. Steve put on the power of veto necklace and called the veto meeting to order. He used the power of veto for himself so Becky named Vanessa as her replacement. Becky said she never knew who Vanessa was with and who she was against and that she dropped her support of other housemates whenever it suited her needs and that’s why she was chosen to go up for eviction. Shelli said she had to make sure Vanessa went home. John said it was about time Vanessa was up for eviction because she had put so many other people up for eviction.