Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Basket ideas for healthy moms

mopthers day top gift ideas

Mother’s Day shopping can be tough, especially when the Mom in your life isn’t interested in the mainstream perfume and chocolate! There are still a ton of options for a thoughtful and practical gift. Check out the Mother’s Day gift shop here.

One excellent idea is to put together a gift basket for your mom. This not only lets you have something to customize, but it allows you to give her not one big gift, but a lot of little gifts. You can see all of our Mother’s Day gift guide ideas here.

perfect gift baskets for every mother

There are many different themes out there for gift baskets, from gardening to wine and cheese, but if you have a mom who cares a lot about her health, she might want something a little different. The following provides 10 creative and practical gift basket ideas for a health-conscious mom.

Why Gift Baskets?

Before looking at some different gift baskets that can be perfect for your mom, let’s go over some benefits of this type of gift. It really is great for every mom, but the ones listed here are specifically for the moms interested in different types of health and wellness.

They are completely customizable – First of all, gift baskets that you make yourself are entirely customizable. This means every single piece, from the basket itself to what goes inside it is chosen by you. It allows you to really personalize it for your mom and get what she enjoys the most. No more money is wasted on gift baskets that are premade, often with items she will never use.

You control how much it costs – It is also a good option no matter what your spending budget is for mother’s day. You might have a tight budget where you choose a small basket and items that are more affordable, or be splurging with more big-ticket items and gift certificates tucked inside.

Either way you go, your mom is going to love the thought you put into it.

Your mom appreciates the extra effort – What your mom wants most for mother’s day is to spend time with you and know you care. That is exactly what the gift basket is going to do for her. You will be personalizing it and choosing each item carefully, so she knows how much extra effort you put into this type of gift.

They can be fun to put together – As an added bonus, these can be a lot of fun for you to put together! Get together with siblings or kids and make something really special for your mom.

mothers day bath salts spa gift basket ideas
  1. DIY Lotion and Bath Salts Kit

Moms avoiding toxins and artificial fragrance often miss out on pampering products, so give her the chance to make her own! This is a really simple and fun gift basket that just about every mom would love, whether she is looking to pamper herself, or just likes a little relaxing for stress relief purposes.

Purchase the ingredients for homemade lotions and bath salts so she can relax and know the ingredients of her collection! This can be as simple as shea butter, Epsom salts, jojoba oil and essential oils! Lavender is a must have for a relaxing basket. Include a recipe and a mason jar for storing the final product, for an easy and very thoughtful pampering gift.

You then have the option of adding other ingredients to the gift basket, such as essential oils with a diffuser and carrier oils, or a variety of different scented products. Get creative with this one! You can find an amazing assortment of these gift baskets here.

  1. Day of Spa Pampering

Massages are a universal favorite for any Mom, and a gift certificate for a massage can go a long way. Perhaps you know your mom works hard and is in need of a little pampering and relaxation. Here is another take on this type of gift basket.

This can be a small or large gift basket, depending on the types of items you want to include. Instead of just handing her a spa or massage gift certificate, put together an entire gift basket. You can have some essential oil candles for aromatherapy, which includes cozy slippers and a terry cloth robe for when she gets home, or you can put together items where she can pamper herself at home without ever leaving the house.

Another idea is to do both with this gift basket – give her the gift certificate, but also include items for pampering on her own. Giving more options is always a good thing. You can find luxury spa gift baskets at all price points here.

kombucha brewing kit mothers day gift ideas
  1. Kombucha Brewing Kit

For something a little different for your mom, consider putting together a kombucha brewing kit. This is unique and caters to her healthy lifestyle, while really surprising her with something extra special.

Kombucha is a growing trend in the health community, and for a good reason! This probiotic packed drink offers high-quality nutrition and an energy buzz with a tasty fizz! Home-brewing kombucha is an easy hobby that’s affordable and sustainable.

A kit can be pieced together or purchased online, typically containing: an all-glass brewing jar, 1-5 gallons, an organic cotton dishcloth and rubber band, a glass thermometer, starter tea, plain white sugar, and a SCOBY. Include a recipe in your kit for some fun and inventive flavors for a gift this healthy Mom can enjoy brew after brew. If this is as all new to you as it was to me, you can get a full kit here with super fast delivery.

mothers day workout gear refresh gift basket ideas
  1. Fitness Gear Refresh Kit

Who doesn’t love new clothes? For a fit mom, nothing beats new workout leggings or running socks. If your mom not only cares about her health, but is also into fitness, this is the perfect gift basket for her. You are combining something she loves with something practical and helpful for her.

Put together a cute spring workout ensemble and finish it with a gym bag, stainless steel water bottle or some colorful headbands to give the gift of motivation! You can make it a little pricier with high-end workout clothes and even new running shoes, or you can keep it minimal with simple things like a water bottle, towel, and accessories.

To really hone in on the fitness theme, consider putting all the items into a gym or yoga bag, instead of a traditional basket. This makes it a lot of fun for her to enjoy. We’ve got quite the supply to choose from here.

mothers day natural health gift basket idea
  1. Natural Health Reference Books

Health conscious Moms are always learning, so help her build her library with an “Encyclopedia of Natural Healing” or book about herbal remedies or essential oil safety. These resources can be found anywhere and are so valuable! To take it up a notch, pair it with a few basic oils like lavender, tea tree and lemon to start her collection.

You can make this a health-related book basket with some added items, like a coffee or tea cup, candles to enjoy book time, and even a cozy blanket. Think about how your mom likes to read for more inspiration about what to include. Here’s some to get you started.

coffee lover survival kit mothers day gift basket ideas
  1. The Caffeine Lovers Bundle

Caffeine is a winning gift for most Moms across the board. There are quite a few premade gift baskets all about coffee or tea, so if you’re in a time crunch, that is definitely one way to go. You can choose one with just coffee or some healthy tea, without all the high sugar snacks inside.

Another fun way to explore these drinks is with coffee and tea samples that you have picked out yourself. Herbal tea sets or organic flavored coffees can be found anywhere, and make a really cute basket when paired with a personalized coffee mug. Your Mom will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness and the much-needed caffeine buzz.

This can also be turned into a couple’s or family basket just by adding more variety and a few more coffee mugs to go in the basket. Here is quite the array of coffee lovers gift baskets that should suit every taste your mom has or might have.

mothers day beach bundle essentials gift basket idea
  1. The Beach Essentials Bundle

With summer right around the corner, Mother’s Day is a great time to start preparing for Beach trips. Not only that, many healthy moms like spending more time outdoors in the summer, getting regular exercise and of course that vitamin D.

For this type of basket, you can either use a basket, tote bag, beach bag, or even an ice chest when putting things together. Here are some ideas for items that might go well in the beach gift basket:

  • Beach towel
  • Beach blanket
  • Sunblock or tanning lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Straw hat
  • Cover-up or other clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Ice packs for an ice chest

There really are a lot of different options for this one. It’s a fun one to put together! Here you can find the perfect array to satisfy all your mom’s beach going needs.

mothers day essential oil jewelry gift basket 2018
  1. Essential Oil Jewelry

For moms who are into health, this isn’t always physical health, but often with more holistic health as well. If you have a mom who is into natural health, she probably also enjoys using essential oils on a daily basis.

Essential oils provide so many amazing benefits; from providing relaxation and aromatherapy, to helping with homemade skin care, anxiety relief, and a lot more. Why not put together a gift basket for her?

To start with, you can, of course, do a standard essential oils basket with the oils, carrier oils, candles, and diffuser. Another option is to get even more creative with essential oil jewelry.

Jewelry with lava rocks is made specifically for applying oils to wear all day! Bracelets and necklaces come in various designs and accompanying stones to represent different things as well, i.e. jade and lava rock welcomes wealth and abundance. You’ll have fun picking out something that reminds you of her, and she will love the practicality and meaningfulness behind it. Here are some beautiful gift baskets with every essential oil to help your mother rid herself of any anxiety or worries on her special day.

mothers day memories picture frame gift basket ideas
  1. Mom’s Memories

As Moms, we can never have enough pictures of our family and kids. Give her a special scrapbook kit, photo album or cute picture frame set to commemorate those photos. You can even gift a Shutterfly credit so she can order recent prints! This is a thoughtful way to give her something to cherish.

This type of basket is great for health-conscious moms and those who simply want a wonderful keepsake put together by their children. No matter your age, you can turn this into an extra-special gift. Here are some great picture frame examples and ideas to get you started.

mothers day movie night gift basket idea 2018
  1. At Home Movie Night

What Mom couldn’t use a date night? Gift the perfect at-home date night basket by grabbing some organic dark chocolates, dried fruit or organic popcorn, a nice new throw blanket to cuddle up with, and a fun new movie for an at home date night.

You can also turn it into a family movie night basket where you choose healthy drinks and snacks, family-friendly movies, and maybe some blankets for everyone in the family to cuddle up under.

An alternative option is to get items for a family game night, with the promise that all the kids will join in. You can find a great selection here or to give you some inspiration.