Tamar Braxton still with Vince and Khloe Kardashian pops on Chloe Moretz

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Tamar Braxton can’t get a break as people are once again claiming she’s on the verge of divorcing Vince. Khloe Kardashian got into some internet fighting with Chloe Moretz while sister Kim Kardashian is defending her man Kanye West against Taylor Swift. This is one fight Taylor Swift is definitely wishing she hadn’t engaged in as it’s making her look not so innocent.

Tamar Braxton and Husband Are doing just Fine, No Divorce in Sight

Everyone is always on the verge of getting a divorce if you ask the tabloids. While I do feel that there has to be some kind of inciting incident that brings about these rumors (that’s just my two cents), most of the time they prove to be false. The latest celebrity couple said to be heading towards splitsville is Tamar Braxton and her manager husband, Vince Herbert. But according to them, a break up is the furthest thing from the truth.

Tamar cleared the air over the weekend via Instagram. She posted a picture with this caption,

“After all these years, he STILL hates when I sing in his ear #Tamar&Vince.”

Now Vince is dispelling the rumors as well. He told ET Online,

“When God blesses people, there are always people who are going to try and tear them down.”

Also, a source close to the couple said that they are “doing fine, and they are happier than ever.”

Well good for them. Tamar’s world was turned upside down recently with her firing from The Real. There was so much drama surrounding that I guess people just wanted to add to the issues and spread lies.

Don’t these folks know that celebrities are having Twitter parties and getting dragged?

khloe kardashian vs chloe moretz over kim kardashian

Khloe Kardashian Slams Chloe Moretz in Face of Kim Kardashian’s Taylor Swift SnapChat Receipts

Speaking of that, when you have friends like Taylor Swift’s #girlsquad, you can do wrong and still feel right. If you haven’t heard about what happened with Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West (again), where the hell have you been for the last 24 hours?

Remember when T.S said she knew nothing of Ye’s “Famous” lyrics in which he says “I made that pitch famous?” Well, there was a video that the pop singer’s lawyers said better not find it’s way to the Internet, and last night, we found out why. Yes T.S lied, and Kim K. released the SnapChat receipts to prove it.

In the face of being exposed as a fraud, Taylor’s friends, like 19-year-old Chloe Moretz, came to her rescue. But Khloe Kardashian was not having it. Yes, the newest Twitter beef is Chloe vs. Khloe. It all happened with Moretz tweeted,

“Stop wasting your voice on something so petulant and unimportant. Everyone in this industry needs to get their heads out of a hole and look around to realize what’s ACTUALLY happening in the REAL world.”

Khloe, the comeback queen, posted two side by side pictures of Moretz in a skimpy bikini and one of a girl that looks like her from the back in the same bathing suit and said, “Is this the hole you’re referring to @Chloemortez?”

Chloe tells her to fact check her info and they go on and on. In fact, actress Ruby Rose also gets into the situation, taking up for Mortez.

“Yo Khloe, I thought you were rad when I met you but this is awful, and this is a 19-year-old girl.”

This WHOLE situation is just all kinds of messy as other stars have lent their voices to the “conversation” clearly showing whose side they are on.

It’s so good, but so bad at the same damn time.

taylor swift vs kim kardashian 2016

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Face Criminal Charges for Release of SnapChat Video?

Taylor Swift and her people are scrambling right now as the singer has just been found to be a liar. One of the ways that they are trying to divert the attention from the fact that she knew all about Kanye West’s “Famous” lyric is by saying that Kim Kardashian and her husband broke the law when they recorded T.S.

Media outlets like bum ass Fox News are co-signing their malarkey saying that the couple violated privacy issues when they recorded Kanye’s conversation with Swift without her knowledge. She even complained about it saying,

“That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the internet.”

Supposedly, according to California state law, both parties have to consent to being recorded. While federal law says that only one party has to agree, the state law may take sovereignty. But the thing about it, according to privacy expert Ari Ezra Waldman, it will be a hard case to make. He told TIME,

“When the two people are in different states it’s hard to know whether federal or state law will apply. There’s no case that says federal wiretapping is always going to overrule, so we don’t know what the exact answer is going to be.”

To be honest, I am sure Kim and Kanye don’t care. They have the power to fight whatever comes against them. The only thing that mattered was clearing his name, and that’s exactly what they did.

What’s funny is that Taylor Swift is trying to take every opportunity to play the victim even though Kim Kardashian basically showed the girl for what she is. Ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris painted her as rather cold and calculating, and when you listen to her conversation with Kanye West (you can see the whole video here), you realize that she’s overplaying her hand here.

I would think that after her lying and libeling Kanye West, any judge would see why Kim Kardashian released those tapes. You better start picking your battles better Taylor Swift since you played with the wrong girl this time.

Those Kardashians know how to play the media, so take some notes. Plus, it might be time for Taylor Swift to take a vacation from the media for a bit. As she said in the tape, overexposure has been coming rather Swift-ly.