Nick Jonas still single and gay baiting while Chloe Moretz Brooklyn bound

Nick Jonas still single and gay baiting while Chloe Moretz Brooklyn bound 2016 images

Nick Jonas still single and gay baiting while Chloe Moretz Brooklyn bound 2016 images

Kicking off today’s celebrity gossip, Nick Jonas wants haters to know that he’s beyond all the gay baiting that people have tried to engage him in. It’s been speculated for many years about the singer/actor’s sexual preference and why he’s got such a big gay following. It’s pretty simple; the boy is hot and like many other hotties, the gays have good taste and show their attention when they like you.

In the accompanying interview, he tells writer Chadwick Moore that he’s perplexed by those who’ve criticized his steamy photo spreads and appearances at gay clubs.

“It’s not the majority, but a large handful have a negative opinion for whatever reason,” he said, “and I think it’s really quite sad.”

As for inhabiting a gay role for the Audience Network’s “Kingdom,” Jonas called Nate Kulina “a great character to play,” and one that he tries “to be respectful of and take [himself] out of.” In preparing for the part, he said he spoke to close friends who have had challenging coming out experiences themselves.

“It was a good way to research, to kind of build the character with some elements of real life,” he said.

The star also earns brownie points from transgender model Carmen Carrera, a “RuPaul’s Drag Race” veteran.

“I think he’s very humble and an amazing ally,” she told the magazine. “We need more people like him in the music industry—someone who’s willing to come out and say that he supports the entire LGBT community and embraces fans from all walks of life.”

Carrera said she’d love to see Jonas have a trans love interest in one of his music videos for his new album, “Last Year Was Complicated,” and quipped, “Let’s open up that conversation!”

Chloe Moretz has gone public about her relationship with Brooklyn Beckham. During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen also asked Moretz about the heat she has with Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. However, she was more interested in telling the world that she is dating Beckham, citing that when celebrities are open about their relationships, people don’t care to spread rumors about the relationship.

blake shelton and gwen stefani prove love is here to stay 2016 gossip

This week’s episode of The Voice featured Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani singing a duet. During the duet, it was easy to tell how in love the two singers really are. Stefani has even said that her relationship with Shelton is greatly reflected in her new album.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are the proud new parents of a baby girl. The baby was born at the end of April, and the couple had kept the news quiet until now. Though this is the couple’s second child, they will not release pictures of either of their offspring as they are both very private people.

Selena Gomez can't escape Justin Bieber and Sharon Osbourne Ozzy split blues 2016 images

During a recent Selena Gomez concert, a fan passed a sign that ended up on the stage. The sign asked Gomez to marry Justin Bieber, but when she got a hold of it, she promptly crumbled it up and tossed it out of sight. Another fan then jumped on the stage to give Gomez a hug, at which time she led the fan straight to security personnel.

Speaking of Selena Gomez, in an interview with Marie Claire Magazine, she stated that she has been hurt in the past and has trust issues as a result. She said that even though she has been dating people she doesn’t trust anyone. Gomez has made it perfectly clear that she would rather have the media concentrate on her career than on her personal life.

Gomez has been making the media rounds lately and when she spoke to Entertainment Weekly she was asked if she plans to bring other female singers with her on stage during her tour. She replied that she wouldn’t be doing that because she is not Taylor Swift (who often has female singers appear on stage at her shows.) She has said that even though she loves to work with her fellow female artists right now, she is only interested in performing alone.

On the heels of illegally taking their dogs into Australia, Johnny Depp, and his wife are still dragging out the drama surrounding the incident. A judge forced Johnny Depp to make an apology for the couple’s actions, and Johnny Depp is now mocking his own apology. He had previously mocked the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia over the incident, saying that he had been ordered by an Australian man to kill and eat his dogs.

Brie Larson is celebrating her engagement to Alex Greenwald. Over the weekend, Larson hosted Saturday Night Live, and her engagement ring was noticeable during the show. Congratulations go out to the happy couple.

nick jonas out magazine

Though Nick Jonas is rumored to be dating Kate Hudson in a recent interview with Ellen Degeneres, he stated that he is single. He said that he and Hudson had recently had dinner together, but it was only because they were both invited to a group dinner.

justin bieber goes for a cross eye look 2016 gossip

During a New York City excursion last week, Justin Bieber went to a tattoo shop with a friend and walked out with a new tiny tattoo under his eye. He was in New York City as part of his summer tour.

Robert Downey Jr talks what he hates and Sharon Osbourne works her 'Lemonade' 2016 gossip

In some shocking couples’ news, Ozzie Osborne and Sharon Osborne have reportedly made the decision to end their marriage. The split was allegedly caused by Ozzie cheating on Sharon. Ozzie went so far as to vacate their house and is temporarily living in a hotel. The couple has been battling divorce rumors off and on since 2013.

Miranda Kerr confessed to burning the midnight oil. During a recent interview, she stated that earlier this year in Asia she worked 170 hours within a week-and-a-half. Though she admitted she only had three hours of sleep per night during that time period, she also said that she enjoys multitasking and all the challenges that come with her job.

keeping up with the kardashians 1201 rob with blac chyna 2016

Wrapping up today’s celebrity gossip, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna will become parents later this year or early next year. While it is the first child for Rob, Blak Chyna also has a child with ex, Tyga, who is currently dating Kylie Jenner. Tyga has stated that he is happy for Chyna and has even wished the couple good luck on their impending marriage. In addition, Brody Jenner is newly engaged to girlfriend Kaitlynn. He even posted on his Instagram account that he is in love with her and wants to spend his entire life with her.