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Miley Cyrus keeping under radar and Tom Ford goes deep

Just a few years back, pop singer Miley Cyrus was arguably the most famous teenager on the planet. From her hit Disney TV show Hannah Montana to her skyrocketing singing career, Miley was constantly being invited

Calvin Harris communicates to Taylor Swift and Sharon Osbourne back with Ozzy

While Calvin Harris may have told paparazzi that things were “all good” between him and his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, his choice in footwear is seemingly saying otherwise.

Nick Jonas still single and gay baiting while Chloe Moretz Brooklyn bound

Kicking off today’s celebrity gossip, Nick Jonas wants haters to know that he's beyond all the gay baiting that people have tried to engage him in. It's been speculated for many years about the singer/actors sexual preference and why he's got such a big gay following.

Robert Downey Jr talks what he hates and Sharon Osbourne works her ‘Lemonade’

When you’re making millions upon millions of dollars for every movie like actor Robert Downey Jr., you have to get creative when trying to figure out what part of your job you are going to complain about.

Selena Gomez can’t escape Justin Bieber and Sharon Osbourne Ozzy split blues

After fans found out the shocking announcement that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were splitting, they were left wondering how Sharon was going to handle the situation on her daytime talk show The Talk.

Justin Bieber goes for cross eye look while Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne split up

Sometimes it seems as though young Hollywood stars like Justin Bieber forget that tattoos are permanent. From huge pictures to getting the name of their current beaus on them, celebrities continue to opt for some questionable pieces of body art.

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