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Trends Expected to Show Up in the Online Casino Industry in 2021

The online gaming market has exploded in the past decade and will easily continue through 2021. Here are 5 important trends to watch for.

Entertainment, Training, and Free-Roam Immersion: The Real Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality may have been around, but it just beginning to take off in the gaming marketplace.

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg concerned about privacy again at F8 plus Oculus VR unveiled

Mark Zuckerberg spoke again about Facebook's fight for privacy while also unveiling the $400 Oculus virtual reality headset.

Virtual reality goes big in China with VR theme park

Virtual reality may have all but disappeared from America, but VR is getting a resurgence in Nanchang China with a theme park.

3D projected images proving better than 3D holograms

Move over 3D holograms as 3D projected images are looking to take over tech and gaming now.

Virtual Reality – Why Hasn’t It Taken Off As Predicted?

Virtual reality aka VR was supposed to be the next big thing to go mainstream with Mark Zuckerberg spending billions for Occulus, but what happened?

Tech Holiday Must Have: VR Shinecon 3D movies games headset for iPhone, Samsung

Most people think high-price when they hear about virtual reality (VR) headsets, but the VR Shinecon is very affordable for that tech geek who has this on their holiday wish list.

Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to make virtual reality mainstream

Mark Zuckerberg using power of Facebook, plus a massive Oculus Go price cut to drive virtual reality in the mainstream.

The Tech of Trek

Every time I go through our annual physical exams which include some rather invasive procedures, I’m reminded of Star Trek. Every time blood is extracted through conventional means (cutting the tip of the index finge

Google’s Daydream becomes virtual reality

Technology really finds its way into various aspects of our daily lives. It’s easier to get a ride now anywhere through Uber. There used to be imaginative board games like Dungeons and Dragons

Top 7 Most Promising Virtual Reality headsets of 2016

Virtual Reality is now in full swing with the recent consumer releases of the long-anticipated Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. There are also plenty of other smartphone-based headsets out there such as the Samsung Gear VR and Google cardboard clones.

Ultimate Guide: Virtual Reality 101 and how it will affect you

Virtual Reality has recently become a popular buzzword in the world of tech since the announcement of the Oculus Rift last 2012. It’s now the hottest story of 2016 as the release of various VR hardware from technology bigwigs get closer and closer.

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