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Virtual Reality porn party has begun and eJaculator is late again

Things can get weird with some people regarding their sexual fantasies. Not every partner though would agree to the party described above, except when there’s much cash is involved. But what if the party was programmed for people with unconventional sexual desires

Virtual Reality 2016, Will We Get It Right This Time?

It’s already 15 years into the new millennium and we still haven’t seen flying cars as the standard mode of transportation nor have we gotten past the moon in terms of manned exploration. Remember Space 1999?

Flog Dolphins Or Spank Your Monkey Virtually

It was only a matter of time before the world’s renewed focus into virtual reality found its way into “the industry”. For shy lonely geeks, lonely guys with indisposed girlfriends and husbands in the doghouse, the eJaculator VR comes to the rescue.

Virtually Controlling Fear

What’s the best way to cure someone’s fear of flying? It’s to get the person to sit in a plane. The best way to cure a fear of spiders? Let him or her pet a tarantula. The best way to cure a fear of heights? Bungee jumping of course.

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