Tech Holiday Must Have: VR Shinecon 3D movies games headset for iPhone, Samsung

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Virtual reality headsets were all the rage last year, but the high prices on many like Oculus kept it from hitting the mainstream market. Cheaper sets were available but most people were only hearing more about the high-priced VR sets and not the more affordable ones.

Now you can check out our array of affordable VR headsets that can take you into that nice immersive world you’ve always wanted to check out.

universal 3d movies games vr headset for iphon samsung galaxy 2017

This 3D VR headset from the house of Beautiful-Tech is super light in weight at just 11.6 ounces, and the improved foam nose padding is comfortable even with eyeglasses on. The front cover is detachable and ventilation holes on it that ensures efficient heat dissipation and allows your phone to cool off during extended gaming sessions. The adjustable Pupil Distance and Focal Distance tweaks give you the best immersive experience of Virtual Reality in 3D. The main feature being the in-box inclusion of Bluetooth remote controller which other VR headsets miss out on.

3d universal virtual reality headset breakdown

Product Specifications:

3D VR Box Features:

Size: 190 x 130 x 90mm/ 7.5 x 5.1 x 3.5 inches (L x W x H)
Weight: 327.5g / 11.55oz / 1.4 pounds
Lens: optical resin lens
Clarity/visuality/chrominance: 99%/100%/0%

Virtual watch distance: watching 1050 inches screen in 3 meters
Refraction adjustment range: -500 degrees to 200 degrees
Pupil distance adjustment: 56mm to 70mm (2.2 inches to 2.7 inches)
Screen size Compatibility: 4.7-6 inches


Price: $25.99

Color: Black with Remote

Bluetooth Remote Controller Features:
Bluetooth version: V3.0
Bluetooth distance: up to 10 meters
OS supported: Android/iOS/PC
CPU: ARM968E-S core
Battery: 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries (NOT included)
Working time: about 40 hours (continuous game)
Working current: 0.5-8mA
Standby current: 0.5-1mA
Size: 116mm x 45mm x 13.5mm / 4.5 x 1.8 x 0.5 inches

In-Box Contents:

1 x 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Box + 1 x Wireless Bluetooth Remote Controller (Retail Box Packaging)

vr shinecon adjustment 2017vr shinecon adjustment 2017

Product description:

The 3D Virtual Reality glasses combined with the wireless Bluetooth remote control brings you the immersive experience of IMAX 3D movies and breathtaking games. The headset supports 300 plus Android and iOS games and VR apps available on the Apple and Google Play Store, for example, YouTube videos and Google Cardboard. The larger diameter optical lenses reduce dizziness and make the 360-degree panoramic view of movies more enjoyable to give a highly immersive experience. The smart streamline design gives it an elegant look plus the soft PU foam padding topped with the elastic head strap allows you total comfort. The features like focus, pupil and refraction adjustment give you clear visual experience. The multi-functional remote control is extremely lightweight and can take pictures remotely. It is compatible with smartphones within 163 x 86mm (6.4 x 3.4 inches) and devices within 4.7-6 inches of screen size.


Setting up the headset involves little else than removing the little plastic films on the lens. A manual is included with instructions for inserting your phone and adjusting the pupil distance and object distance. You need to know where the wheels for both are located but will only be able to adjust them for yourself once you’ve got a game or app ready to play on your phone.

The device has soft adjustable leather straps that you should adjust according to your head size. They open/close with a Velcro patch and can be used to adjust the headset on a smaller or larger head.

vr shinecon foam eye piece hot holiday tech toys

Focal Adjustments

The headset has two types of focal adjustments; pupil adjustment and object distance. Pupil Adjustment refers to the distance between your eyes. Although the difference between person to person might be very slight, when viewing a screen at such close proximity as in the headset, the small difference will have a significant impact. Adjusting the distance from the wheel at the top of the device lines up the image perfectly

The second focal adjustment is the object distance. It’s controlled by two knobs on either side of the set. Object distance will increase or decrease how ‘near’ your phone’s screen is. This allows you to focus your screen better.

Myopic compensation

The headset can compensate for anyone with Myopia (nearsightedness) up to six degrees which is the boundary for severe myopia and will likely cover a majority of visually impaired users. For anyone with a higher number, it’s best to use contact lens as glasses don’t sit too well inside the headset.

Game Play

Hardware and visual adjustments aside, the important question with any VR headset is how well it tracks your movement and how good the view is. The device doesn’t have any sensors of its own and relies entirely on your phone’s sensors to give you the immersive experience. The field of view is somewhat lacking but still suitable for someone who wants to try out VR apps and games on something that’s more reliable than Google Cardboard.

vr shinecon open to put smartphone hot holiday tech toys


  1. The headband straps are adjustable and comfortable.
    2. The headset easily fits in all head sizes.
    3. The headset owns three levels of control for obtaining a vibrant picture.


The disadvantages being, firstly, the iOS system does not support mouse function. If the visuals are indistinct, make sure to remove the protective plastic from the lenses. The instructions are given in foreign language, which is totally pointless until you are fluent in Chinese and Korean.

Final Thoughts:

This headset comes with an in-box Bluetooth remote controller that is too priced at $25.99. What more can you expect at that price point? This one is the best of the lot and expect to see a price drop with the holiday season. Check here for the best deals on the VR Shinecon 3D Movies Games VR Headset w/ iOS Android Bluetooth Remote Controller, Universal Virtual Reality Glasses Box for iPhone Samsung Galaxy SONY Xperia LG HTC MOTO Cellphones.

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