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NFL Roundup: Aaron Rodgers, Jameis Winston and Todd Gurley not happy with London

NFL Roundup: Aaron Rodgers thanks fans for support during injury, Todd Gurley not happy with @NFL London and Jameis Winston back for Buccaneers vs Bills game.

Donald Trump inspires Buccaneers Mike Evans protest

Buccaneers Wide Receiver Mike Evans Upset by Donald Trump, Doesn’t Plan to Stand for National Anthem Moving Forward

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Oust Head Coach Lovie Smith in Most Shocking Coaching Move of Season

In easily the most surprising coaching move of the offseason, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have decided to part ways with head coach Lovie Smith two years into his four-year deal.

Pink Slips don’t Convert to Wins in NFL: Lovie Smith Fired

People around the NFL seem shocked this morning after the firing of Lovie Smith. It certainly did come out of the blue, and according to reports, had more to do with keeping Tampa's offensive coordinator in house than it did with Smith himself.

Warren Sapp Has ‘No Problem’ With New England Patriots Cheating

Warren Sapp ‘No Problem’ With New England Patriots Cheating Since 2000

Atlanta Falcons Indepth Review vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If you’re looking for discount jerseys, now is the time to get your Atlanta Falcons gear on the cheap. You may even get paid to accept a shipment of Matt Ryan jerseys

Atlanta Falcons vs Buccaneers Indepth Recap

It appeared the Tampa Bay Bucs were content to stuff the run as the game started in the Georgia Dome Sunday. Lovie Smith had seen enough of Devonta Freeman the past five weeks

Jameis Winston & Marcus Mariota Disappointing First Five NFL Games

Remember when Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson came out of the draft and each led his new team to the playoffs? Sure, that was a special year, but the rookie quarterback class of 2015—or at least their two most famous members, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota—just wants, in the words of the great Jim Mora, to win a game.

Josh Freeman’s Embarrassing FXFL Debut Proves NFL Team Right In Passing Him Around

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback and 2009 first round draft pick bust Josh Freeman made a great stride towards having no professional football career whatsoever on Friday after a not-so-hot debut with the Brooklyn Bolts of the FXFL.

Taylor Lewan Not Excited About Marcus Mariota Hype: Tennessee Titans

After a historically great performance by rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota in Sunday’s win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Tennessee Titans are actually starting to get a lot of serious attention for a team that hasn’t seen postseason football in seven years now.

Jameis Winston vs Marcus Mariota NFL Preseason 2015

“I thought he had a typical first day,” said Lovie Smith on 1st overall pick Jameis Winston’s first day with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “We saw a lot of good things today.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Season Recap & 2015 NFL Draft Needs

After a disappointing 4-12 finish in 2013, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cleaned house, firing head coach Greg Schiano and losing general manager Mark Dominik as well.

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