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Russell Westbrook not happy with Paul George NBA All-Stars snub

Russell Westbrook on Paul George All-Star Snub: ‘It’s Just Outrageous’

Kevin Durant can’t let go of those Oklahoma City Thunder feelings

Kevin Durant Still has Feelings for Oklahoma City Thunder he can't shake off with Golden State Warriors.

Russell Westbrook: the Mike Tyson of basketball

Jason Kidd considers Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook as the ‘[Mike] Tyson of Basketball’

OC Thunder beat Melbourne United in nail biter ending

New Look Thunder Barely Get Past Australian Melbourne United Team at Home. Losing Kevin Durant and leaving Russell Westbrook to carry the team is showing its weaknesses.

Kevin Durant’s alternate Twitter universe

Kevin Durant Goes on Apology Tour After Trashing Thunder from Wrong Twitter Account

Paul George costs Lakers a record fine

Lakers Hit with Record $500,000 Fine for Tampering with Paul George, Citing Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka

Paul George’s year-long Thunder Laker decision

Paul George Heard Great Things About OKC from Durant, Won’t Leave for Lakers if They Do Well This Season

Russell Westbrook gets energizing endorsement from LeBron James

LeBron James Endorses ‘Energizer Bunny’ Russell Westbrook to Average Triple-Double this Season

NBA keeping groins safe with ‘Draymond Green Rule’ this season

‘The Draymond Green Rule’ Among NBA Officiating Focuses for the 2016-2017 Season

Thunders Enes Kanter changes name in support of Fethullah Gulen

Enes Kanter Changes Name, Disowned by Family for Support of Turkish Coup

Is Russell Westbrook committed to OKC or just an opportunist?

After Kevin Durant had left the Oklahoma City Thunder in free agency to join the Golden State Warriors, the city and league went crazy. This madness, of course, was justified.

Kevin Durant off to build his legacy

Kevin Durant Leaves to Build his Legacy, Oklahoma City Left with Memories of What Could Have Been

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