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Donald Trump can’t get Russia to go away fact check

As Bob Mueller's Russia investigation closes in more, Donald Trump has been spinning out his facts and then contradicting them within a days time. Here's the breakdown on his facts and what is the real truth.

Donald Trump overcompensates on Michael Flynn flip with tweets

If Donald Trump isn't worried about former national security advisor Michael Flynn flipping and working with Bob Mueller on that Russia investigation, why does he need to tweet so much about it?

Suddenly Jared Kushner gets much more interesting to authorities

After the Washington Post published a report that someone within the Donald Trump administration has become 'of interest' to authorities, we were hit with plenty of sources stating that it's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Should Donald Trump be afraid of Robert Mueller’s Russia Special Counsel?

Here's a look at Robert Mueller's new job as special counsel looking at possible links between Russia and Trump campaign associates. It should answer many questions we had and probably some that you might have had.

Top 5 Reasons Donald Trump should fear Sally Yates

After one cancelled Congressional hearing, former acting attorney general Sally Yates was able to tell (sort of) her side on warning the White House about former National Security adviser Michael Flynn.

White House unable to get FBI to make Russia problem go away

No matter how many distractions President Donald Trump's White House throws at the media and Americans, all roads keep leading back to Russia in one form or another.

Donald Trump’s history making press conference transcript Part 1

President Donald Trump made more history again on Wednesday with a press conference that easily made his diehard supporters very happy. He attacked the media, admitted that all the leaks within his administration are real

Michael Flynn replacements all lined up for Donald Trump

President Donald Trump promised to shake things up in Washington D.C., and boy, has he ever fulfilled that campaign promise.

Michael Flynn: Fired by Obama and resigned to Donald Trump

Michael Flynn has certainly had a wild ride in the Washington D.C. political scene, but after his Monday night resignation, it looks like his career has come to a solemn ending.

Russia defends Michael Flynn while White House evaluates

It seems that Russia is turning out to be more loyal to National Security Adviser Michael Flynn than President Donald Trump's White House.

Week 3: Donald Trump proves facts an unneeded accessory

One thing we've learned is that President Donald Trump doesn't like facts that run asunder to his 'facts.' Week 3 has ended, and what was hoped were just learning mistakes the first two weeks in office

Donald Trump impeachment petition nearing one million signatures

As Donald Trump is coming up on his first month of being president, a petition that quickly went up calling for his impeachment has garnered well over 800,000 signatures.

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