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Megan Fox can’t quit Brian Austin Green and Lindsay Lohan back for Hollywood

Roughly a year ago, we were reporting that long-time celebrity couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green had officially filed for divorce. After over a decade of being together

Lindsay Lohan’s dad claims she’s pregnant and motherly while smoking

Over the weekend, actress Lindsay Lohan took to her Twitter to announce that she was expecting her first baby. Unfortunately, this big announcement came after a multiple-post rant

Lindsay Lohan has a scuffed up weekend and Iggy Azalea tries out French Montana

Just when things seemed to be on the upswing for actress Lindsay Lohan, they took a turn for the worse. Over the weekend, the troubled former child star took to her social media to share some pretty inflammatory

‘Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner fears being killed off and Lindsay Lohan Koran light reading

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner said that she is afraid her character is set to be killed off the show. She confessed that each of the actors on the show have been worried about the fate of their characters.

Tyga giving up his Lam and J.J. Watt trying out Kate Hudson

Kicking off today’s celebrity gossip week recap, former Roseanne and Scrubs actress Sarah Chalke is having her second child with husband Jamie. The baby is due in late spring and will join a big brother named Charlie.

Justin Bieber Pierced & Lindsay Lohan Booted Harry Styles Booty Call

Kicking off today’s celebrity gossip, Justin Bieber surprised his fans today by posting a picture of him with a new nose piercing. The selfie, posted on Twitter, earned Bieber many comments from fans.

Kendall Jenner Takes a Tumblr & Lindsay Lohan’s Family Issues

Louis Tomlinson is reportedly using the hiatus of One Direction to spice up his love life.

Lindsay Lohan’s Family Troubles & Rosie O’Donnell’s Daughter’s Distance Grows

Seems like trouble runs in the Lohan genes, as Lindsay’s younger brother Michael C. Lohan was arrested for reportedly forging a parking permit. 27-year-old Michael was detained on Thursday in Manhattan

Willow Smith & Lindsay Lohan Get Body Talk: Celebrity Gossip Roundup 2015

People are all up in arms about Willow Smith doing this and I can understand why. The girl is 14 and her parents are two of the most famous people in the world. She wants to get her own attention and make a name for herself, I get it.

Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Brats

It is not uncommon for celebrities to be brats even as adults. The lifestyle they live is conducive to whining and moaning to get your own way, so that is what they do despite their age.

Top 10 Celebrities Past Their Due Date

Of all the celebrities out there today it is time to face the fact that some of them are well past their due date. Hollywood is a fickle place where fame is fleeting and success is never guaranteed to last.

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