Top 10 Celebrities Past Their Due Date

actresses past their career prime due date images 2015

actresses past their career prime due date images 2015

Of all the celebrities out there today it is time to face the fact that some of them are well past their due date. Hollywood is a fickle place where fame is fleeting and success is never guaranteed to last.

nicole kidman keith urban past due date 2015

  1. Though Nicole Kidman had a hot movie career and a high profile marriage at one point those things seem to have faded for her. Granted, she is married to Keith Urban now, but among rumors that the couple is on the verge of breaking up, Kidman hasn’t had much of a career lately either. On a physical level she has morphed into what looks like a raccoon with rabies, which probably goes a long way in explaining why her career is pretty much dead in the water these days.
  2. teri hatcher past her prime in hollywood 20154 imagesTeri Hatcher used to be a hot, sexy actress, so what the heck happened? In the days of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, she was smoking hot, both physically and as far as her career was concerned. Though she had a good run in Desperate Housewives, when you go from being cast as the sexy Lois Lane to being casted as a character that is labeled “desperate” you know your career is in deep trouble. In her earlier years she was a sexy skinny but now she is the kind of skinny where you just want to offer her a sandwich if you see her walking down the street.
  3. drew barrymore past her career prime due date 2015Though guys used to get tongue tied over Drew Barrymore, those days are pretty much in the past. Throughout her childhood and early 20s she carved out a great career for her -self. And then the toll life takes on us all took a special detour through her. Once a sexy Hollywood actress she has quickly become a little chubby all over. The problem with that is that she is a movie actress and movie screens tend to be pretty large. This distorts her and makes her look even chubbier than she has become in real life. Though she is not even middle aged by normal standards the hayday of her career is pretty much over at this point. A big part of the reason for this is that she has become the queen of romantic comedies, which is something you can only sit through so many of before you would rather stab your eyeballs out than sit through anymore.
  4. helen hunt past career acting due date prime 2015Helen Hunt had great success with the smash hit comedy Mad About You, as well as a small collection of movies since then where she has played intriguing roles. But for all the success she had in Hollywood she has not aged well at all. Whether it was due to stress, workload or other reasons, Helen Hunt went from hot skinny to Teri Hatcher skinny. Almost an empty shell of what she once was Helen Hunt now looks old, beaten down and quite frankly, fragile.
  5. renee zellweger past career prime due date 2015Renee Zellweger was America’s sweetheart for a while. While she was never considered hot by many, the label of cute was applied to her many times. This got her the role as Bridget Jones, which was a huge hit for her. However, her physical appearance includes squinty eyes that turn many people off. The pumpkin like face she sports these days has contributed to her moving past her due date, though she is younger than many other celebrities who are past their due date. Whether it is the deterioration in physical appearance that has led her to make some less than stellar movies or her deteriorated physical appearance being the reason why these are the only roles she is getting these days.
  6. lindsay lohan past career prime due date 2015Lindsay Lohan is another celebrity that many consider too young to be past their due date even though we have heard so much about her that most of us feel like her due date is long past. She is so far past her due date that the likes of Jack Nicholson have already publicly stated he would never film a movie with her under any circumstances. Considering the long line of women who have co-starred in movies with him, if he has banned Lindsay Lohan from being his costar you know she is past her expiration date,
  7. Sarah Jessica Parker past career prime due date 2015Though Sarah Jessica Parker had it all during the Sex and the City days, it all quickly disappeared. According to many, her due date passed a long time ago. With the way she looks today and the roles she plays she is far past her prime and everyone knows it.
  8. meg ryan past career prime due date 2015Another celebrity that may not be expected to be on this list but is anyway is Meg Ryan. Though her scrunched up nose used to be cute and endearing to many, it has become pretty undesirable. With a puffy Botox ridden face Meg Ryan’s classic beauty has almost completely disappeared and she is now being compared to Mickey Rourke. Between her fading looks and the fact that she keeps making movies no one cares about, her due date is long past, never to return.
  9. cameron diaz past career prime due date 2015Cameron Diaz once had the attention of men (and some women) all over the country. Now she has quickly moved past her due date and her face shows the resulting tension from it. With saggy cheeks and a mouth that is looking a little rough around the edges these days, Cameron Diaz quickly fell from grace and, later this year, will be starring in the remake of Annie.

julia roberts past career prime due date 201510.  Though Julia Roberts was THE Pretty Woman, the pretty faded quickly. Over the years she has aged less gracefully than she would have wanted to, one can only imagine. With eye sockets that now look hollowed out her eyes have become creepy. Her horse like mouth has been seen on far too many movie posters and it is possible it is actually starting to scare people. For these reasons, Julia Roberts has passed her due date.