Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Brats

top 10 biggest celebrity brats 2015 images

top 10 biggest celebrity brats 2015 images

It is not uncommon for celebrities to be brats even as adults. The lifestyle they live is conducive to whining and moaning to get your own way, so that is what they do despite their age. Here are the top 10 biggest celebrity brats.

miley cyrus biggest celebrity brats 2015 - Copy

  1. Miley Cyrus tops of the list of the biggest celebrity brats partly because she went from the golden child of the Disney network to, quite frankly, an unrecognizable train wreck. What happened to the cute little girl who won everyone over as the elusive and secretive Hannah Montanna? It’s like the end of the show gave her an excuse to stop using her brain to run her life. She now has public meltdowns where she bashes ex- lovers and the parents of her young fans are even reportedly complaining that the concerts she is putting on are less than desirable for their children and teens. As if it isn’t bad enough Billy Rae Cyrus has virtually no career anymore, now Miley is doing everything she can to ensure she won’t for much longer either.
  2. rihanna biggest celebrity brat 2015Rihanna also makes the list for being bratty enough to keep hooking up with the notoriously abusive Chris Brown. Even after walking around with quite the black eye that he gave her she was bratty enough to keep going back to him. As if that isn’t bad enough the majority of her song lyrics are about the hot stuff she thinks she is. If there is one thing this overgrown brat never learned is that a bit of modesty will get your further in life.
  3. amanda bynes biggest celebrity brat 2015Amanda Bynes got her start with her own wildly popular TV series on the kid’s cable network Nickelodeon. Unfortunately she grew up to be yet another Hollywood brat. Not too far into her 20s Amanda announced her “retirement” from showbiz and stated that she was not likely to act ever again, breaking the hearts of millions of fans throughout the world. Apparently her retirement plans include using drugs and alcohol and having run -ins with the police. After she was the cause of a hit-and-run accident she skipped out on her California court appearance to attend to her own needs in NYC. This one screams Hollywood brat in the worst way possible.
  4. nicki minaj celebrity brat 2015Nicki Minaj started her road to bratdom when she publically made comments against Mariah Carey when the two were serving as co-judges on American Idol. Since then Nicki has repeatedly verbally attacked Mariah Carey even going so far as to tell her she would stab her. Though Nicki didn’t have a great reputation before she began the battle of the divas with Mariah Carey she torpedoes her reputation even further with her outspoken attitude that just won’t quit.
  5. kristen stewart biggest celebrity brats 2015Kristen Stewart was the darling of the Twilight movies until she got caught cheating on her significant other and co-star in the movie, Robert Pattinson. While she thought she could whine and cry about what he put her through that caused her to cheat, the reaction she desired from her fans was not what she ended up with. Rather than feeling sorry for her, most of her fans, along with the rest of the world, had no sympathy for someone who turned out to be a bratty cheater.
  6. paris hilton biggest celebrity brats 2015This list wouldn’t be complete without the addition of everybody’s favorite brat, Paris Hilton. While lately we haven’t heard much about her, the fact is that the media loves to follow her around capturing all her bratty moments…and there are so many to capture. Paris simply doesn’t realize (or care) that virtually everyone in Hollywood sees what spoiled brat she is and very few want to work with her as a result. The less of a chance she has to be in the spotlight the less her bratty actions are making the entertainment news feeds every day.
  7. snookie biggest celebrity brats 2015Not to be outdone, Snookie has made quite a name for herself as a total brat. While becoming a mother may have (but probably won’t) put an end to her bratty ways her behaviors during the days of the Jersey Shore tapings (which, luckily for America in general and New Jersey specifically, are long over) will follow her around for years. Anyone who ever watched or even heard of the Jersey Shore likely heard about her repeatedly being arrested on charges such as public intoxication and disturbing the peace. Snookie is one of the worst Hollywood brats out there. Here’s hoping her offspring turn out non bratty.
  8. mariah carey biggest celebrity brat 2015Mariah Carey may be America’s sweetheart between her voice, dance moves and good looks, but when even your famous husband publically admits what a brat you are there is no erasing that. Ms. Mariah is reportedly so bratty that she even refuses to change her own baby’s diapers. Countless stars who have worked with Carey have stated during interviews that she is a bratty diva. It’s probably fair to say that Mariah Carey is a brat simply because she gets away with being one.
  9. lindsay lohan biggest celebrity brats 2015Though Lindsay Lohan was well known for her starring role in select Disney movies she later went on to carve out a reputation for herself as an out of control celebrity brat. With all the legal trouble she has been in over the last few years and the number of times she’s been in and out of rehab, no one can argue that Ms. Lohan has become quite the brat in her “old” age. The one time she did serve jail time she was treated better than many non- prisoners in this world are. Seems like the older this one gets the brattier she gets. Does that count as reverse aging?

chris brown biggest celebrity brats 201510. Last but not least, Chris Brown makes the list of celebrity brats for trying to justify why he has been in the legal trouble he has been in. There is hardly a celebrity in Hollywood that is on his radar that he hasn’t bashed.