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Top 10 Craziest Celebrity Tattoos

top 10 craziest celebrity tattoo images 2015

Celebrities love to express themselves through tattoos. While some get normal, standard tattoos other celebrities really push the envelope with theirs. Here are 10 of the craziest celebrity tattoos out there today.

stephen baldwin hannah montana tattoo craziest celebrity 2015 images

  1. Stephen Baldwin may be one of the oddest celebrities when you hear the reason he got himself a tattoo. The story is that during a 2007 encounter with Miley Cyrus, she and Baldwin became friends and even made a friendly bet with her. Miley promised him that if he actually got her initials tattooed on his arm, she would get him a guest spot on her Disney show Hannah Montana. Fast forward a year and Baldwin kept his end of the bargain, so Miley grudgingly kept her end too. One can only imagine she made this bet with Baldwin assuming he wouldn’t follow through.
  2. andy milonakis craziest table tattoos 2015 imagesAndy Milonakis is another weird celebrity with a crazy tattoo story. Word is that he has a table tattoo that he got in an attempt to permanently make fun of people who get, in his words, “deep, meaningful tattoos.” This child-like star is seen by many in Hollywood as a joke and he certainly gets credit for being crazy enough to get a permanent tattoo of such an ordinary object with absolutely zero meaning to it. So either he will continue to be offbeat or he will be enduring some pain to have this pointless tattoo removed if/when he finally grows up and comes to his senses.
  3. miley cyrus love ear tattoo craziest celebrities 2015 imagesBefore Miley Cyrus even turned 18 she adorned her body with, maybe not an odd tattoo, but certainly an odd place to get it. Though getting a tattoo of the word love in and of itself is not all that crazy, it becomes crazy when you find out that she had the tattoo done inside her ear. Talk about thin skin! And why get a tattoo on the inside of your ear; who do you think is going to look at it? You can’t even look at in unless you do it in a mirror.
  4. megan fox back tattoos craziest celebrities 2015 imagesMegan Fox also has some crazy tattoos in crazy places on her body. Many in Hollywood are turned off by the fact that Fox has a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her arm because they feel that she is comparing herself even though she will never match the legacy Monroe left behind. Ask Megan Fox to bare her back and you’ll see her elaborate tattoo of a King Lear quote that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on someone like Fox. She may be a talented actress, but she’s not exactly an intellectual. This point is further proved when you consider that she got a long drawn out phrase tattooed onto her ribcage at the urging of former co-star Mickey Rourke. It’s hard to determine which is more odd; Fox working with Rourke in the first place, him recommending some weird, obscure tattoo or her actually getting it.
  5. hayden panettiere misspelled tattoo imagesPoor Hayden Panettierre has a crazy tattoo courtesy of a tattoo artist who either has a hidden learning disability or wasn’t paying close enough attention to what they were doing. She got what she thought was a lovely Italian phrase tattooed on her back. The phrase tattooed on her back in Italian was supposed to mean “to live without regrets.” However, the Italian word “rimpianti” was spelled wrong by the tattoo artist, leaving Hayden with rimiplanti tattooed on her back instead. At only one letter off, this typo was enough to ruin the tattoo and now rather than having the quote she wanted, Hayden’s got one that isn’t even a real quote. That’s going to be a painful fix if she ever decides to have it corrected.
  6. eve bear claw chest tattoo 2015 imagesEve is walking around with a slightly unusual tattoo on her chest that she got as the result of a dare; which begs the question is Eve an adult or a 12 year old at a slumber party? Doing stupid things on a dare is one thing; having something permanent done to your body on a dare is another altogether. As a result, Eve is now walking around with a tattooed paw print on her chest. She has come to accept that this crazy tattoo is now a part of her and it seems like she enjoys having it.
  7. steve o craziest celebrity tattoos 2015 imagesSteve-O, of MTV’s Jackass has some of the craziest tattoos of anyone in Hollywood. The majority of his flesh is covered in one strange tattoo or another. He himself admits that his craziest tattoo is a flying penis. He also has select curse words tattooed on various parts of his body. Another part of his body has a phrase tattooed on it that one does not repeat in mixed company. As if the other tattoos aren’t crazy enough, on Steve-O’s back is a huge tattoo of his face. Steve-O is even hoping that this god awful tattoo ends up getting him in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  8. dean mcdermott crazy tori spelling tattoos celebrity 2015 imagesFor all the issues Dean McDermott is having in his marriage to Tori Spelling he has three giant portraits of her tattooed all over his body. This tends to be a bad idea for any celebrity because most of their marriages seem to be unstable at one point or another and these two are no exception.
  9. jon gosselin giant dragon celebrity tattoo 2015 imagesInstead of spending the money on taking care of his eight kids, Jon Gosselin went out and spent god knows how much on a giant dragon tattoo on his back. According to what he told the media this tattoo had been in the works for years and that it represented his rebirth.
  10. coolio jugalo celebrity tattoo 2015 imagesWhen Coolio was a popular rapper he thought it would be a great idea to get a tattoo for his favorite band, Insane Clown Posse. Their fans are called juggalos and juggalettes, so Coolio wanted juggalos tattooed on him. The only problem is that his tattoo artist left the second G out, making it jugalo.
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