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Satanists not happy John Boehner compared Ted Cruz to Lucifer and Kat Williams shakes it up

Well, this can’t be good for the GOP. Former House majority leader John Boehner did not hold back his feelings about Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz during a talk at Stanford University.

Katt Williams: Is it ever alright to beat a child not your own?

With the recent video of Katt Williams punching a 17-year-old boy in the face going viral, it brings up a pertinent question for me- is it ever okay for an adult to respond to a situation involving a minor with violence?

Like we told you Kim Fields Off RHOA & Rick Ross beats rape case

Katt Williams is having a time this week getting beaten up by a teen, Kim Fields is claiming to have quite the Real Housewives of Atlanta although we already reported last week that she was fired and Rick Ross is cleared of all rape charges.

Bradley Cooper passes on Beyonce’s Star & Keysia Cole loses eggs over Bow Wow

With all that’s going on in the world, sometimes you just need to forget it about the bull crap and veg out for a sec. So why not do it by reading about the purely entertaining albeit sometimes crazy antics of the rich and famous

Kanye West declares death to CDs & Kim Kardashian needed some attention

It's a new week and already Katt Williams was jumped at Beanie Sigel's concert, Jada Pinkett-Smith finally responded to Chris Rock, Kanye West declares cds over and his wife Kim Kardashian, needy for attention, posed nude for a selfie.

Chris Brown Rough Tran Love & Sarah Palin Uses Child Molester For Attention

It’s Friday folks and here is your celebrity gossip roundup and Sarah Palin is back trying to get any attention she can by sadly using admitted child molester Josh Dugger. I'd love to see her walk the walk and see if she's willing to leave her granddaughter alone with him for a while.

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