Satanists not happy John Boehner compared Ted Cruz to Lucifer and Kat Williams shakes it up

Satanists not happy John Boehner compared Ted Cruz to Lucifer and Kat Williams shakes it up 2016 gossip

Satanists not happy John Boehner compared Ted Cruz to Lucifer and Kat Williams shakes it up 2016 gossip

The weekend is here which means it’s time for some celebrity news highlights. Here’s what I have for you.

John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz Lucifer – Satanists not happy

Well, this can’t be good for the GOP. Former House majority leader John Boehner did not hold back his feelings about Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz during a talk at Stanford University. In fact, he goes as far as to call him Satan.

“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends… I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

During his speech, in which he laid out his opinions about the presidential race as a whole, not surprisingly he praised Donald Trump and John Kasich, the latter of which he considers a close friend that “requires more effort on my [Boehner] behalf than all my other friends.” Boehner goes on to say that if Trump gets the nomination it is okay with him (he’d vote for the reality TV star) but if Cruz wins the nod, he won’t be voting for the Texas senator.

This is fascinating. I have never liked Boehner, particularly as he fought so vehemently against extending Emergency Unemployment Compensation for millions of Americans that still so desperately need it. But for him to call Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh,” there must really be something dangerous about the presidential hopeful.

We should all act accordingly. Vote Bernie!

After former House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday called the current Republican presidential candidate “Lucifer in the flesh,” saying he found it difficult to work with him, staunch Satanists decried the comparison.

“Having a conservative Christian likened to Lucifer — one who opposes equal rights for same-sex couples and promotes the ability to deny services to any with different values — we Satanists see as besmirching the positive, heroic aspects of that character as portrayed by Milton in his epic ‘Paradise Lost,'” Magus Peter Howard Gilmore, the high priest of The Church of Satan, said in a statement.

Lucien Greaves, a spokesman and co-founder for the Satanic Temple, told media outlets he thinks Cruz engages in “clearly deplorable behavior” and that Boehner’s comments were “thoughtless and ignorant.”

“Christians can’t just push Cruz off on Satanists,” Greaves said. “All he’s trying to say is that Ted Cruz is some type of embodiment of evil. I think that’s a rather destructive, backward mindset, because when you take clearly Christian individuals, clearly Christian activities, and things go sour, you pass them off as the influence of Satan.

“It really prevents you from thinking clearly,” he said.

Cruz had previously dismissed Boehner’s comparison, saying he had hardly interacted with the Ohio Republican over the years.

While Gilmore, the high priest, said that Satanists have not expressed any “collective support for any specific politicians,” Greaves said Satanists do not “want” Cruz and that he “is everything opposite of what we represent.”

ayesha curry slaps back at memes

Ayesha Curry Claps Back at Disrespectful Memes

The wife of NBA superstar Steph Curry set the record straight after a slew of memes using her image to degrade black women took the internet by storm. Ayesha Curry wants everyone to know that she is in no way behind them, and she doesn’t support them. She recently told Essence Magazine,

“I wonder why people are so hateful sometimes. I just don’t get it. I want people to know these memes aren’t coming from me, and I didn’t endorse them.”

ayesha curry mean memes

Curry received a lot of heat from women, especially black women when she posted a tweet last December about wearing respectable clothing. Her comments were taken out of context, and people have labeled her judgmental and stuck up.

“Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters.”

ayesha curry meme

It’s sad that some people are so hell bent on hating that they can’t see the wisdom in her words. She became public enemy number one after THOTS and feminists took her words and construed them into their own narrative. The memes use images of her cooking show with captions that perpetuate negative stereotypes about black women.

“Only add a respectable amount of salt. Then again what do you ladies know about respectability.”

Curry goes on to tell the magazine,

“I have a feeling whoever is making them is mostly men trying to pin women against each other, and that’s something I don’t stand for, especially with us Black women. I just wish we could support each other a little bit more. I want everybody to succeed.”

Ayesha Curry is a class act, and people need to follow suit. Not everything is an attack.

katt williams shakes it up 2016 gossip

Katt Williams Arrested Again… Throws Salt Shaker at Restaurant Manager

What is really going on with Katt Williams? I just don’t get it. There have been countless reports about his crazy behavior and for whatever reason he hasn’t slowed down one bit.

The latest in the rounds of his erratic behavior involves the use of salt, and I’m talking about on his food. As the story goes, per TMZ, Katt was arrested in Atlanta at the seafood restaurant Spondivits because he got into an argument with the staff. He and his party seated themselves, which we all know is a no, no in most restaurants, and that’s when the trouble started. Of course, the restaurant’s manager got involved. The situation ended with Katt taking a saltshaker and throwing it at manager’s face, busting his lip in the process.

Katt fled the scenes but was later found and arrested for assault and battery. This guy continues his path down the wrong road. You know a celebrity is on the verge of a total meltdown when they are more famous for their antics than for their work.

This incident is the most recent situation involving the comedian and his crew doing some pretty messed up stuff in the Georgia/Florida area.

Katt needs some new friends.