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Donald Trump cabinet positions getting ‘Apprentice’ treatment

Donald Trump may no longer be on NBC's 'The Apprentice,' but many people clamoring for all those open cabinet positions are using some of those tactics to get his attention.

Ted Cruz works up 2016 Republican Convention

Making sure that everyone knew he marches to the beat of his own drum, Ted Cruz failed to endorse Donald Trump during his address of the Republican National Convention Wednesday night.

Donald Trump knocks Ted Cruz out of race sending Republicans scrambling

It's doubtful that anyone was surprised, except maybe a deluded Ted Cruz, but Donald Trump has pretty much locked up the Republican presidential nomination with his Indiana primary win on Tuesday.

Satanists not happy John Boehner compared Ted Cruz to Lucifer and Kat Williams shakes it up

Well, this can’t be good for the GOP. Former House majority leader John Boehner did not hold back his feelings about Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz during a talk at Stanford University.

Donald Trump slams Ted Cruz Carly Fiorina ticket

In what seems like a 'hail Mary' move, Ted Cruz surprised many by choosing Carly Fiorina as his running mate in the 2016 Presidential Election. Cruz is obviously desperate as Tuesday's primaries had him in third place on the Republican side

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ready to sweep up Northeast: Super Tuesday 2016

As primary season begins to wind down, drama has ensued, but it's not stopping the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump whirlwind that's hit the Northeast portion of the United States. As expected, both candidates are poised and expected to have clean sweeps

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton take New York leaving Ted Cruz shut out of primary

In what turned out to be a pretty cut and dry New York primary, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have claimed victory in their home states, or at least Clinton's adopted home state. Bernie Sanders still gave the former Secretary of State a run for her money

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump leading New York Primary

It's no surprise that both Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and businessman Donald Trump and cranking out double-digit leads in New York as the primary is occurring on April 19. As New York isn't a 'winner take all' state, delegates are up in the air

Is Donald Trump no longer a safe bet?

It seemed that no matter what the Republicans threw at Donald Trump, nothing could stop his ascent with delegates and primary votes. Now, things have gotten a little bit tighter for him, but does that really mean his eventual Republican nomination

Republicans who hate Donald Trump most

Donald Trump is that rare person who seems to grow stronger on others negativity and outright hate which the Republican Party has bestowed upon him in healthy amounts.

2016 Primaries have media worked up but Election bettors yawning

We've now gone beyond Super Tuesday 3 and there'll be another Town Hall talk for the remaining candidates running in the 2016 Presidential Election, and for some, election fatigue has already set in.

Inside Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday 3 Wins

Each Super Tuesday is beginning to look familiar as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump carve out their path to their parties nominations. Trump doesn't have it so easy as the Republicans have tried to stop him every way imaginable

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