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K Michelle feels Radio One ban wagon while Monica stands by Shannon Brown cheat tweets

It’s the weekend, and I know you all are turning up. K Michelle is feeling the ban from Radio One, Barbershop won its lawsuit and Monica seems to be okay with Shannon Brown's cheat tweets.

Milan Christopher leaves peen for vag country with Moniece Slaughter & Toya Wright all wrong

Remember when Toya Wright blamed her failed marriage to Memphitz on his ex K. Michelle? Well, the women are at it again and this time, it looks like their beef is over Toya’s new book.

Spirit Airlines Racism Claims & K Michelle Taking It Down

Spirit Airlines has got some people talking, K Michelle is getting her natural figure back and Love & Hip Hop Hollywooders beef it up on Twitter.

Bristol Palin Planned Parenthood & Donald Trump’s Mexican Karma

Here is a new round of celebrity claptrap to care about today. From fake asses to pseudo planned accidents, and karmic retribution for Donald Trump.

Bristol Palin Staying Mum On Latest Baby Daddy & K Michele’s Killer Kindness

What a great end of the week this has been for history! The GLBT community officially and legally can't be treated like second hand citizens, although I'm sure plenty will still try, and Bristol Palin has got another baby coming but keeping mum on the dad.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Chris Brown’s Tamar Muppet Madness

Your Friday celebrity gossip rumor mill is here so let’s dive right in. It's like being back in high school, but with no brains, too much money, and way too much loose stupid talk! Seems like Chris Brown can't ever not stir something up

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