Bristol Palin Staying Mum On Latest Baby Daddy & K Michele’s Killer Kindness

bristol palin pregnant again with unwanted child 2015 gossip

What a great end of the week this has been for history! The GLBT community officially and legally can’t be treated like second hand citizens, although I’m sure plenty will still try, and Bristol Palin has got another baby coming but keeping mum on the dad.

marriage equality passesMarriage Equality is Here… LBGT Can Legally Marry

Today the Supreme Court ruled that anybody can marry anybody. A major win for those who believe that they should have the right to legally marry whomever they choose in any state in America and a major loss for right wings, Christians, and pretty much any one who strongly opposes same sex marriage, homosexuals are free to not only marry who they want but to also reap the full benefits of holy matrimony.

marriage equlity bill passes supreme court 2015To say that this has been a long time coming is an understatement. It has been an up heel battle for same sex couples and those who support them. People even got married today as soon as the announcement was made. It is a major stride in a direction that shows growth in a country that so desperately needs some good news right now.

Congrats to all those lovers who are now able to marry the loves of their lives and gain the marital rights as heterosexual couples.

Now for the ratchedness…

joseline hernandez beats up karlie redd for charity 2015 gossipJoseline Hernandez Beats Up Her “Bestie?”

This bitch is out of control. Not only does she think way more of herself than she should, she obviously doesn’t believe that the rules apply to her.

It has been reported that she and fellow Love and Hip Hop “star” Karlie Redd got into a fight at a charity event in Atlanta and Joseline won. Everything was flying from weave, to legs to fists and it’s so sad because a) they are grown fucking women and they need to stop and b) it was supposed to be for charity.

Now here is what I don’t understand. First of all, the cast of LHHATL supposedly signed an agreement that they would not fight anymore.  Secondly, how they hell are you still resorting to these kinds of actions when you call yourself the fucking Puerto Rican Princess? Princesses don’t fight, they sit back, look pretty are polite and act right because they know they have a reputation to uphold and a kingdom to inherit.

So classless, ghetto and shameful. Joseline has nothing to be proud of in her life right now. She is a joke.

Bristol Palin Pregnant with Second Child out of Wedlockbristol palin pregnant again with unwanted child 2015 gossipSo here is the thing with Bristol Palin (daughter of shamed former Governor and crazy lady Sarah Palin) and people like her, they don’t live what they preach. She chick, who is pregnant with her second child (she’s not married) championed abstinence and staying true to her Christian values but she can’t.

There is nothing wrong with having them, but if you know that you can’t really live up to them, don’t brag about them. We all struggle with different things, of course, but you just put yourself in a position for people to have your ass when shit like this happens.

Palin hasn’t announced who the father of the baby is, but she is definitely not happy about it so isn’t that just a great gift for the upcoming child…being unwanted.

She writes on her blog that she wanted to be the first to let people know that she was pregnant. What should be a joyous occasion, however, doesn’t seem to be the case for her.

bristol palin hole show“Honestly, I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my chin up on this one.” “I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you. But please respect [my son] Tripp’s and my privacy during this time. I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy,” she wrote in her blog post.

Keep her chin up? I guess I get it. She was 17 years old when she got pregnant withher first child during her mom’s run as vice president. She has been engaged twice and now, she is single with a second kid on the way.

The whole thing is like a bad movie where the popular girl who leads the virgin’s club is found to be a fraud. This chick was even paid more than a quarter of a million dollars by Candie’s Foundation, a non-profit organization that fights teen pregnancy by supporting abstinence work, to campaign for abstinence.

I just… I just can’t get with her. If you don’t want to have your child, you have options girl or at least put the baby up for adoption as there are so many families out there who would give it a happy home. If you don’t want a child off the start, that’s a horrible way to bring another life into this world.

k michelle gives draya michele some kind words 2015 gossipMichelle Has Some Words for Draya Michele

In the world of the washed up reality TV stars, when can you really trust someone? Everyone is out for themselves and as far as having friends, well that’s a far fetched idea that no body really commits to.

Michelle and Draya Michele, who used opt be friends I guess, recently appeared on BET Post Show and the tension between the two was palpable to say the least. It wa clear that something was going on and with the help of tweets during the show, the host asked if there was some beef.

The songstress didn’t hold back and in a calm but straight forward way she told the Basketball Wives Star that she saw some tweets and things she said, specifically that she called her ugly. Draya couldn’t say anything and K. Michelle told her,

“ I know it’s difficult to be a single mother and I’m sorry that you don’t think I’m pretty enough but I actually like myself.”

Draya’s comeback, “ I don’t even remember saying that.”

I bet you don’t boo, I bet you don’t.