Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Chris Brown’s Tamar Muppet Madness

chris brown bullying tamar braxton for muppet madness 2015 gossip

chris brown bullying tamar braxton for muppet madness 2015 gossip

Your Friday celebrity gossip rumor mill is here so let’s dive right in. It’s like being back in high school, but with no brains, too much money, and way too much loose stupid talk! Seems like Chris Brown can’t ever not stir something up, and now he’s joined force with K. Michelle in bullying on Tamar Braxton causing her to breakdown on air.

tamar braxton hates muppet chris brown with k michlle 2015 gossip

Tamar Breaks Down on Air

So if you ever really wondered how alike us regular folks are from celebrities, look no further than Tamar Braxton. This week, she broke down crying on her talk show The Real about how bullying has affected her self-esteem. She was speaking in particular about Chris Brown and K. Michelle calling her a Muppet and the discussion got very emotional for her.

“I was just asking my husband the other day… People say it so much that sometimes, I start to believe it. And so, I even asked Vince, ‘Do I look like a Muppet?’ and he said ‘Absolutely not,’”

When Jeannie Mai asked her what she would tell her son about how to handle bullies, that’s when Braxton lost it and said she doesn’t have any advice to give her son and before she could finish, her tears got the best of her and Tamera Mowry, Housely  finished her statement for her by saying, “she’s still dealing with it.”

Let me just say here for the record that while I do think that Tamar is way over the top in how she does things, I do think that the hurt she feels from the “bullying” is real and it is something that people don’t think about when they say things about celebrities. And when it comes from other famous people and two of the most controversial and self centered celebrities at that, it makes it all the more impactful.
k michelle over tamar braxton muppet melee 2015 gossip

Michelle to Tamar Braxton: Every Action Warrants a Reaction

Speaking of K. Michelle, with every situation, there are always two sides to every story. Tamar is obviously hurt by the comments made by Chris Brown and K. Michelle, but there is the question of why they even wen in on her in the first place. For the most part, people don’t just start bullying others for the fun of it (well at least regular, sane adults don’t). There is usually a reason behind it.

That is the case for K. Michelle who responded kind of on the low but not really, to Tamar’s break down. She posted on her twitter page:

“Every action warrants a reaction. You can’t go and start a fight with someone then when they reply cry and play victim.”

This is a very true statement and I totally agree that some people are just asking for their feelings to be hurt when they do and say certain things, but my question with that is when is it too far. People do have to be able to take what they dish out realizing that they will sometimes get a little more than they bargained for.

Natural Women have Low Self Esteem

There was a study that recently came out whose results are getting a lot of attention about black women who have natural, untreated hair. According to research conducted by cosmetic company Bountiful Hair, natural hair women have lower self-esteem than women with treated hair.

I am not quite sure what black women they interviewed, but it is obvious that whoever they are, they clearly are suffering from a form of self-hate. The study goes on further to say that natural hair is viewed, by black women, as messy and that makes women who wear their hair naturally to feel inadequate and less desirable than women who get their hair relaxed or wear weave. In turn that inadequacy causes natural hair women to lash out at other women, which inevitably lowers their self-esteem.

There is so much to be said here but I will point out a couple of things. First of all, a natural haired woman is natural by choice so if she felt that having unprocessed hair made her feel ugly or not attractive, she would just get a relaxer. Secondly, society is the main divider of women who are for natural hair and those that aren’t. Much like the whole light skinned dark skinned conversation, the media constantly shows only woman with long, straight, flowing, silky hair. Does this mean that natural hair women see this and long to have hair like that too? No. Furthermore, if a natural hair woman has low self-esteem because of her hair, than she is defeating the whole purpose of being natural in the first place. It is about embracing and celebrating your hair just the way it is. Not feeling compelled to wear it a certain way because you are black.

I think the study is a load of crap and just makes it hard for black women of all shades, sizes and hair textures to get along.

jesse jackson jr out of prison in halfway house 2015 gossip

Jessie Jackson Jr. Released from Prison… Heads to Halfway House

Remember Jessie Jackson Jr. and the trouble he ran into with stealing more than $750,000 in campaign cash, which he spent on luxury goods vacations and other non permitted items? Well, he is out of prison and has been committed to a half-way house in Baltimore.

All of this happened not too long ago and it is surprising that he is out as soon as he is. His wife will serve her time for her involvement in the whole situation a month after he is released in September. The judge staggered their sentences for the sake of their children, who are 15 and 11. How sweet.

Of his misconduct, Jackson has says, “I’ve made mistakes, and I’m prayerful and hopeful that we’re a country of second chances, that the American people and the people of the city of Chicago will consider me for a second chance.”