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Another look at ‘Justice League’ before director’s cut hits review

Before DC Films puts out the Justice League Director's cut, I wanted to give another look at the film many people loved to hate.

Newest Movie Themed Slots

With a new slew of movies hitting this fall like David Gordon Green's Halloween, games based on them are right on their heels. Here are the top 9 newest games based on movies.

Top 10 hottest DC Comics Toy Collectibles gift ideas

Marvel Comics might be having a better time on the big screen than DC Comics but DC collectible toys are in huge demand so here are the top 10 best ones you can get that fan of all ages.

‘Coco,’ ‘Justice League’ repeat box office with nothing new

Coco topped the box office weekend again as Justice League stayed in the number 2 spot with no new major studios movies hitting.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ gives Marvel an early Christmas gift plus X-Men

Marvel showed DC Comics how to do it right with their Avengers: Infinity War trailer which has broken all kinds of records while Justice League has been another disappointment for MCU's competitor.

‘Coco’ takes over for ‘Justice League’ at holiday weekend box office

Pixar scores another big hit with family-friendly 'Coco' while Warner Bros. sees another DC Comics franchise underwhelm at the box office with 'Justice League.'

‘Justice League’ no ‘Avengers’ at box office and ‘Wonder’ racks up

DC Comics again with "Justice League" after having such a great success with "Wonder Woman" at the box office, but Julia Robert's "Wonder" may overtake the superhero film with Thanksgiving weekend coming up.

Preview night at Comic-Con 2017 already meeting expectations

Wednesday night was a huge night for Comic-Con 2017 fans as preview night revealed everything they'd been dreaming and hoping for.

Will 2017 Be a Good Year for Film?

It’s a wonderful time to be comic book fan as our favorite heroes come to life one by one on the big screen. 2016 gave us Deadpool, the Suicide Squad, and Doctor Strange and a new incarnation of Batman for the DCEU.

‘Justice League’s’ Mera finally surfaces

First Images of Amber Heard as Justice League's Mera Unveiled

‘Justice League’ goes Icelandic

Zack Snyder shooting some scenes of "Justice League" in remote town of Djúpavík.

Parallels Between Captain America and Wonder Woman

It seems DC may have a great movie on its hands. Two in fact, or maybe three. Anyway, Suicide Squad promises to be a fun action follow-up to Batman V Superman.

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