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James Comey full testimony about Donald Trump

President Donald Trump seems to be the only person who thinks that former FBI Director James Comey's written testimony for Thursdays Congressional hearing vindicated him. It's doubtful that he's actually read it

Key Points from James Comey Testimony

The moment that DC's beltway crowd is anxiously awaiting is also the same moment that the White House staff is dreading; James Comey testifying before Congress on Thursday.

Donald Trump’s White House working overtime to smear James Comey

While Donald Trump's staff walk around the halls of the White House nervously, the president is priming himself up for a fight. In his mind, his opponent is former FBI Director James Comey

What to expect from James Comey’s Congressional hearing

James Comey knows how to perform during a Congressional hearing and on Thursday, the fired FBI Director will be disputing President Donald Trumps' version of their conversations.

Suddenly Jared Kushner gets much more interesting to authorities

After the Washington Post published a report that someone within the Donald Trump administration has become 'of interest' to authorities, we were hit with plenty of sources stating that it's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Tweets or bullying can no longer save Donald Trump

A year ago, citizen Donald Trump could annihilate someone with one of his tweets or bullying taunts, but now that he's become President Donald Trump, things have rapidly changed.

Should Donald Trump be afraid of Robert Mueller’s Russia Special Counsel?

Here's a look at Robert Mueller's new job as special counsel looking at possible links between Russia and Trump campaign associates. It should answer many questions we had and probably some that you might have had.

Donald Trump takes victim route while in Twitter jail

When Donald Trump was campaigning, there was no bigger man in the room who wouldn't take any guff from anyone, not even China. That was according to him, but President Donald Trump has suddenly wilted

Donald Trump’s biggest credibility damaging lies to White House

Like a dysfunctional family shen it comes to the truth, Donald Trump and his White House might be related but they have quite a dislike for one another.

Top 14 candidates Donald Trump looking at to replace James Comey at FBI

President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey just last week, but he's been very vocal about going the fast and furious route to replace his memory.

Making sense of Donald Trump firing James Comey

James Comey has begun to answer back to Donald Trump's slams on his reputation, and the former FBI Director has let it be known that he will only testify in front of Congress if it's a public hearing.

Fact checking those Donald Trump FBI claims

Donald Trump has created quite the memorable week guaranteeing himself a spot in history, but probably for reasons he won't like.

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