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Like Sally Yates, James Comey will haunt Donald Trump

As Republicans continue patiently waiting for Donald Trump to gain some form of impulse control, the president is quickly learning that his actions are coming back to haunt him much faster than he expected.

Donald Trump throws voter fraud meat out to supporters

Seeing his numbers tumble to thirty-six percent before the James Comey firing, Donald Trump is heading to familiar territory by attacking voter fraud much to the chagrin of Republicans.

Donald Trump fires FBI Director James Comey in Tuesday shocker

Donald Trump understands how to quickly shift the focus of the media, and on Tuesday, in a surprise shocker, he fired FBI Director James B. Comey, according to, according to White House spokesman Sean Spicer

FBI James Comey angers Democrats with Donald Trump investigation

Donald Trump knew Monday going to be his day, but FBI Director James Comey confirmed one thing that really got Democrats angry. While confirming that there was "no information" to sustain Trump's wiretapping claims

It’s official: Donald Trump lied and Russia investigation is real

Monday morning saw President Donald Trump go into a Twitter flurry with claims that any ties he or his associates may have had were "fake news," but FBI Director James B. Comey had a different take.

Could the Bush family be voting for Hillary Clinton?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are rushing around the country hitting every battleground state they can before Tuesday, and the drama has been heightened.

Donald Trump using Obamacare to tighten race

Donald Trump is pushing even harder now doubling down on slamming Obamacare to tighten Hillary Clinton's lead in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Don’t expect FBI to be quick with Hillary Clinton email investigation

We already saw how long it took the FBI to investigate Hillary Clinton's emails already, so this 'surprise' Friday announcement by Director James Comey won't move any faster.

Donald Trump’s tough road ahead even with FBI email issue

Donald Trump was handed a gift-wrapped package by FBI Director James Comey on Friday with his letter to Congress reopening the email investigation involving Hillary Clinton, but it isn't a sure deal for his Presidential win.

Did FBI Director James Comey break the law with Hillary Clinton emails?

Many people thought it was odd when FBI Director James Comey caused a stir for Hillary Clinton with his letter to Congress, and Minority Leader Harry Reid has stepped up to point this out.

FBI James Comey ignored DOJ concerns about Hillary Clinton investigation

Over the weekend it's been discovered that the FBI actually knew about the additional Hillary Clinton emails for weeks although James Comey said it had just been brought to his attention.

Now Anthony Weiner sticks it to Hillary Clinton with FBI

Hillary Clinton has gotten used to scandal after scandal coming out during this election process, but now Anthony Weiner has pulled her back into the FBI's e-mail investigation.

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