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TikTok hopes Donald Trump forgets ban while Apple’s new M1 Macbook Pro revolutionizes

TikTok returns to court to fight Donald Trump's upcoming ban while Apple unveils its M1 Macbook.

How to resolve iPhone error 4013 at Home

When that scary Error 4013 message pops up on your Apple iPhone, don't worry. All is not lost with these easy steps to fix it.

Apples pulls focus from iPhones to software while Big Tech get Congress probe

Gone are the days of Apple being able to sit back and watch the profits roll in from the iPhone. Sales have been falling...

Arkansas newspaper drops print for iPad edition in fight to stay alive

In what could be a trend for struggling newspapers, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette is giving up their print edition for iPad versions to customers. Will it work?

Google walkout over Andy Rubin sexual misconduct plus iPad news

Google protest will see hundreds of engineers walking out due to sexual misconduct and Apple installs new screens for their iPads and Macs similar to their latest iPhones.

Apple unveils new hardware, Siri, iMac Pro, iPhone, iPad and Watch

Tim Cook addressed over 5,000 developers that were jam packed into the San Jose Convention Center to share the latest innovations coming from Apple.

The iOS Notebook aka ‘dumb laptop’

The dumb laptop concept isn’t new. Connect a cellphone to the unit and the phone becomes a CPU. Motorola tried it before with the Atrix Lapdock and Nexdock is marketing a dumb laptop for other mobile devices including iPhones.

Apple Throws Out Five Year-Olds, Microsoft Adopts Them

For Apple, five-year-old technologies are dead throwaways. Computers and devices that are at least five years old are no longer deserving of support and need to be replaced by their owners.

11th Hour Rescue for Apple and the FBI

The FBI motioned to postpone court hearings against Apple as a third party appeared at the last moment to help the agency in cracking the controversial iPhone 5c of Syed Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Apple iPad’s Battle for the Enterprise

Apple doesn’t like Microsoft and its allies eating into the tablet market it popularized. But now the consumer tablet market has been saturated by cheaper Android tabs and many iPad owners are holding onto their tablets for as long as possible

No More Lines on Apple Watch Launch Day?

If Apple sold popcorn, hotdogs, and drinks for an insane 20 bucks, each encased in white containers during those long lines every time they release something new, they’d probably make a lot of money and maybe get into the food business.

Google Fiber Rolling Out Quicker In US Than Most People Think

Google has planned an internet connection and employ it in Kansas City, Prove and Austin and successfully spreading its services. They have seen successful results of their internet connection this internet connection provides 100 times faster speed

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