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2015 NFL Championship Weekend Preview Plus Super Bowl XLIX Predictions

Championship weekend is quickly approaching, and it seems like the closer we get to the AFC and NFC showdowns the more lopsided they become

2015 NFL Divisional PLayoffs Recap: Pats, Seahawks, Packers & Colts Move On

This was certainly an interesting weekend to be sure; however, since both Seattle and New England won nothing else really matters.

2015 NFL Divisional Round Preview Predictions

Some ‘big’ news in the NFL today. The Mueller report on the Ray Rice incident was released. Surprisingly the man the NFL hired to investigate them found in their favor. No one saw that coming. Anyways, here’s the Divisional Round:

2014 NFL Week 17 Recap: Denver & New England Playoffs

The regular season is over in the NFL and that means it is playoff time SON! But with that excitement comes the sadness of knowing there are just a few games left in the NFL this year.

2014 NFL Week 17 Preview Plus Our Winning Picks

The NFL regular season has reached its final week. Week 17 is all divisional matchups and is often a win-or-go-home situation. Here’s all of the results and their playoff implications:

Five Exciting Things With NFL Season Wrapping Up

We head into Thursday night’s game between the Rams and Cardinals with only three weeks left in the regular season. Time flies when you are having a ball, especially when it’s of the pigskin variety.

NFL Week 11 Recap: Atlanta Falcons Stumble Into Victory, NFC South Pathetic

Week 11 in the NFL saw some terrific action once again. There were a few fresh names that lit up defenses on the ground. We saw a big upset that no one would have guessed beforehand.

NFL Week 11 Preview – Not Such An Exciting Week

The lineup this week isn’t exactly pretty, but football is football and I for one am still going to watch every game possible (even Minnesota vs. Chicago if it’s on). Maybe if two really bad teams play each other it’ll be a good game. Anyways, let’s take a look at Week 11:

Top 10 Can’t Miss Upcoming 2014 NFL Games

There are some weeks when you can flip around channels, watch NFL Red Zone only, or just record a couple games to watch in condensed fashion later. Then there are NFL games that demand you sit down and watch it live

NFL Teams To Hang Your Super Bowl 2015 Hopes On

With each new NFL season, fans can begin to dream of playoff runs and even a trip to the big game at the end of it all. The NFL draft along with free agency can bring back the most bitter fan

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