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Robin Soderling Rooting For Rafael Nadal Loss At 2015 French Open

Former world number four Robin Soderling seems to have become tired of being a favorite sports question after being the only tennis player to have beaten Rafael Nadal at the French Open.

Novak Djokovic’s 2015 Feeling Like 2011

While many are blown away by Novak Djokovic's amazing tennis season, some may be feeling a little bit of deja vu as this is very similar to when he dominated the tennis world back in 2011.

Robin Soderling Drops Rafael Nadal From French Open Favorites

Rafael Nadal's tennis slump continues, but he didn't drop out of his number seven slot on the rankings chart although friend and fellow Spaniard David Ferrer is hot on his trail.

French Open 2015 Betting Odds: Djokovic Now Favorite Over Nadal & Federer

Just weeks ago Rafael Nadal was still considered every betting odds top favorite for the 2015 French Open, and even Roger Federer stated this this past weekend at the 2015 Rome Open, but things have changed as dramatically as Rafa's tennis slump.

Rafael Nadal Can Still Win the 2015 French Open

Rafael Nadal, a player on a much noted slide, is currently ranked seventh in the world. While many tennis fans might be shocked by that, the surprise is definitely not due to people reading my commentary on the Spaniard.

David Ferrer Taking On ATP Nottingham Open 2015

David Ferrer will have a little break after the Roland Garros aka 2015 French Open before becoming of of five world top twenty tennis stars to compete in the new ATP World Tour championship even in Nottingham this June.

Andy Murray 2015 French Open Betting Odds Keep Plummeting

Being a sure thing is great for your tennis rankings like Andy Murray, but it's causing the betting odds on him for the 2015 French Open to drop and drop. Once the British tennis star hit the clay, odds were pretty high, but after his surprising back to back wins, they've dumped by nearly half now.

Andy Murray Betting Odds: 2015 French Open & Nadal Drifting

Andy Murray's betting odds to win the 2015 French Open, following a comprehensive victory over Rafael Nadal on Sunday, are shortening drastically. The Scot, who won ATP Munich on clay last week, won the second clay court tournament of his career in Madrid, defeating Nadal 6-3, 6-2

Rafael Nadal Returning To Old Ways For Remainder Of Season

Rafael Nadal has realized that sometimes going back to the old ways of doing things can be smart, especially if the new way isn't working out so well. At least that's what he's doing with his tennis racquet, and rather trying to break in a new one

Rafael Nadal Pushing Forward For French Open & Novak Djokovic

Rafael Nadal is ignoring the naysayers who are saying his best days are past him and so forth. Nadal has been the underdog before and come back from behind with injuries, and right now it's more of an ego injury as he watched his tennis ranking slip down into fourth place.

Novak Djokovic Takes A Time Out For Madrid Open…Again

Novak Djokovic is playing it smart knowing that as he holds on to the number one spot in the world, there's no need to kill himself at every open. So, the tennis star is dropping out of the Madrid open again to focus on winning the French Open for the first time.

Rafael Nadal No Longer Odds Favorite for 2015 French Open

Rafael Nadal is going through a transition in his career like many athletes, and after riding high for so long, he's hit the number five position on the ATP rankings chart which is his lowest in two years.

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