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NFL addresses more problems with helmet ban

NFL and NFLPA Bans 10 Helmet Types After Testing including SG Helmets, Rawlings, Schutt and Riddell

Chris Borland could be NFL’s biggest threat

Former 49ers Chris Borland Starts New Life as Advocate Against NFL on Concussion Issue

Former Giants linebacker Harry Carson gives Congressional warning to parents

Former linebacker for New York Giants Harry Carson feels parents need to be fully aware with all the dangers of their children playing football and went to Congress to make sure they are made so.

High school athletes still in danger of brain injuries, CTE

Not long after the latest NFL CTE study came out, people were wondering what effect this would also have on high school sports. Now we have our answer.

Jets Jamal Adams clarifies his dying for football statement

Rookie Jamal Adams quickly learned how words matter in today's world, and clarified what he meant by 'dying on the field.'

Ravens John Urschel timely NFL retirement

Baltimore Ravens OL John Urschel Announces Retirement Two Days After CTE Study

New CTE report shows brain disease high in football players

Just in time for football to kick for NFL fans, a new updated study reminds us of how dangerous the sport is.

NFL equals big tobacco? Let the New York Times lawsuit begin

The NFL has made it pretty damn clear to the New York Times how they feels about the comparisons to Big Tobacco. It's looking increasingly likely that the NFL will sue the Times for the article linking the National Football League to tobacco companies.

NFL demands The New York Times retraction after CTE lawsuit hits

You remember that article that The New York Times published last week about the NFL claiming they significantly altered the concussion research they funded and essentially comparing them to Big Tobacco?

Impact of NFL’s Acknowledgement Linking Football and CTE

What was the purpose of one of the NFL's top executives telling a Congressional round-table that there is definitely a link between chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and football?

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