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Heroes and Zeros: Ed Skrein vs CNN’s Rosa Flores

Actor Ed Skrein makes our hero of the week to help stop Hollywood's whitewashing in movies and CNN's Rosa Flores Zeros out by showing the heartless side of reporters during Hurricane Harvey.

LA Summer Olympics 2028 still up in the air

CNN may have jumped the gun on the Summer Olympics heading to Los Angeles in 2028. They reported that the city had struck a deal with the International Olympic Committee to host the games

Donald Trump ends two week CNN freeze out

Just how long does President Donald Trump hold a grudge with networks like CNN? Wednesday gave us a clue as Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to the president appeared on CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper."

Donald Trump’s tweet attention span on voter fraud takes over

President-elect Donald Trump has been unleashed on Twitter, and while there are much more bigger and important pressing issues for him to attend to, he has decided to attack the vote recount brought forward by Jill Stein.

Kathy Griffin on ‘mean girl’ Ellen and Piers Morgan tackles Kanye West

When you think of Hollywood’s mean girls, it is likely that Ellen DeGeneres is not one who comes to mind. However, according to comedian Kathy Griffin she absolutely should be!

NASA employee learns hot car equals death to infant left inside

Not a week goes by when disturbing news of babies and toddlers left in hot cars does not hit the internet. As a parent, I find this both terribly disturbing and disheartening. The latest is an item on CNN when a NASA employee left a 7-month old baby

Donald Trump already touting rigged system ahead of debates

Donald Trump loves touting the rigged political system that he helped create, and he's already back to mentioning it right ahead of the three scheduled debates with Hillary Clinton.

Is Google’s simpler website testing tool ready for prime time?

On Friday Google launched a new tool aimed at business owners sto know if their mobile websites are good enough. Actually, it's like a Swiss army knife where it determines mobile-friendliness, mobile speed and desktop speed

CNN’s Lamar Odom Confusion: Guess they look alike to them

CNN might want to have their photo editor and producers recheck their work as they seemed to have thought Lamar Odom looked an awful lot like LaMarcus Aldridge.

What Did NFL’s Roger Goodell Really Say About Ray Rice Videos?

On September 20th, Roger Goodell met with the press to give updates on how the NFL will proceed on domestic violence cases. He not only made a statement but also fielded numerous questions from the reporters on hand

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