Kathy Griffin on ‘mean girl’ Ellen and Piers Morgan tackles Kanye West

kathy griffin on mean girl ellen and piers morgan tackles kanye west 2016 images

Kathy Griffin on 'mean girl' Ellen and Piers Morgan tackles Kanye West 2016 images

When you think of Hollywood’s mean girls, it is likely that Ellen DeGeneres is not one who comes to mind. However, according to comedian Kathy Griffin she absolutely should be!

Currently, Kathy is in the midst of promoting her new tell-all book Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index. In it, she throws major shade at Ellen, claiming that she isn’t always the happy-go-lucky person she presents herself to be while on air. In the book, Kathy explains, “I’m almost positive a certain beloved daytime talk show host once had me kicked out of a backstage dressing room at the Emmy Awards. I can’t prove it, but this person, who has short blonde hair, has a mean streak that all of Hollywood knows about.”

While she doesn’t explicitly say Ellen’s name in her book, Kathy did discuss her 2007 feud with the comedian in an interview with US Weekly. Kathy told the publication, “Ellen did a monologue about how mean I am. I was in the dressing room like, ‘S***! You’re another woman comic, c’mon!’” The 56-year-old went on to add, “I don’t know if Ellen gets that when I talk about women, I’m joking. I just feel really strongly about women supporting each other, especially women over 50 and women in comedy, because the people who still make decisions are still middle-aged white guys. We have to be better at not turning on each other.”

Despite the tension between her and Ellen, Kathy told US that she still has “immense respect” for the talk show host. When asked if she still respects Ellen, Kathy gushed, “How could I not? Go, Girl! I’m just saying that we would all be better served if we all just really were there for each other the way the dudes are. When you think about the guys who are in my age group, or even guys I started with, like Kevin James and Ray Romano, they all help each other and hook each other up”

It seems as though Kathy isn’t convinced that Ellen is living by her own advice that she offers viewers every day – “be kind to one another.”

piers morgan talks kanye west fame addiction 2016 gossip

While Kanye is receiving plenty support from his peers and fans amidst his recent mental health issues, there is one celebrity who is certainly not willing to sugar coat his genuine (bold) opinion on the whole situation.

In a lengthy article for The Daily Mail, TV personality Piers Morgan addressed Kanye’s recent downward spiral (in which he ended up being taken to a hospital and having a psychiatric evaluation done). Bluntly, Piers wrote, “…[Kanye’s] suffering from a far more dangerous health hazard: fame addiction. Not content with being one of the world’s most famous entertainers, he set out to seduce and marry Kim Kardashian, thus deliberately implanting himself right into the heart of a 24/7 reality television goldfish bowl. There’s no escape from such a fatuous, fickle world. It’s an unstoppable, deeply cynical beast that needs constant feeding. There can never be enough drama, attention-seeking antics, showing off, bling-blasting and transparently fake ‘look at my perfect universe bull****.’”

Piers went on to further explain what he meant by suggesting that Kanye suffers from “fame addiction.” The 51-year-old said, “Eventually, nothing appears real anymore. People stop taking you seriously. As public interest inevitably wanes, the fame’s addict’s desperation to titillate the public grows ever more desperate. Kanye’s stupendous ego wrote a cheque so large this week that even his ‘perfect’ body and talent couldn’t cash it. He became a parody of himself and hit the wall that every fame addict hits in the end: a wall of harsh reality. In his case, one that left him hyperventilating in handcuffs in a hospital room.”

In an attempt to conclude his article on a slightly more positive note, Piers added in, “It’s time [for Kanye] to get some sleep, and get real.”

Kanye West inspires Kim Kardashian cookbook and Adele's pizza rush 2016 gossip

Kanye West has been resting with wife Kim Kardashian by his side “day and night” since he checked into UCLA Medical Center Monday suffering from alleged “temporary psychosis.”

A source close to West, who was reportedly handcuffed to a stretcher and checked in for psychiatric evaluation, told us of his meltdown, “No one was assaulted. The guy was suffering from sleep deprivation, lucid, very f – – king tired. The police report says he was taken at force. He wasn’t forcibly taken. He definitely was not put on a 5150 [an involuntary psychiatric hold].”

But West’s doctor, Michael Farzam, reportedly told cops that his stressed patient had tried to assault someone at the home of his trainer Harley Pasternak after canceling the remaining dates of his tour. Calling West by the alias “Jim Jones,” Farzam said he “suffers from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.” Emergency responders described the situation as a “psychiatric emergency.”

The source said Kardashian has been a rock for the rapper. “Kim is very focused on him. She doesn’t seem frightened. She went straight into handling mode and is being very strong. She’s been by his side day and night.”

The source added, “He’s going to be fine. He’s doing well. He’s resting. He’s getting along with everyone, all of his caregivers.”

West’s “exhaustion” forced him to cancel 21 dates of his Saint Pablo tour on Monday. The source told us the move was forced by an apparent intervention from friends. “That cancellation comes from people who have been a part of his inner circle for years. People are concerned about him. His physician made the call to check him into the hospital. People around him feel like it was time . . . for him to get help.” Friends feared he was having a nervous breakdown.

Meanwhile, the show went on for Kris Jenner and Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, at Denise Rich’s Angel Ball on Monday, where they filmed their E! show.

They accepted an award for their late father, Robert Kardashian. Kris made a tearful speech, then spent the rest of the night partying with boyfriend Corey Gamble as Kourtney Snapchatted and took selfies.

john legend concerned about kanye west

John Legend spotted warning signs that Kanye West wasn’t doing well before West was hospitalized Monday.

“We were with Kim [Kardashian] actually, you know, right before all of that,” Legend, 37, told CBS “This Morning” on Tuesday. “I was concerned by what I saw, so hopefully he’s getting some rest and some time to figure things out.”

Legend didn’t go into detail about what he observed.

West, 39, was admitted for medical observation in Los Angeles hours after he canceled the remaining 21 dates of his Saint Pablo tour.

After learning the news, Kardashian, 36, who was slated to attend an event in New York City honoring her late father, immediately flew back to Los Angeles to be by her husband’s side.

“He’s been suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation and went to the hospital today on his own will and under the consultation of his physician,” a source told media outlets.

Another source claims the “Fade” rapper, who has two children, North, 3, and Saint, 11 months, was having an alleged “nervous breakdown.”

“His state of mind goes back a long way, perhaps to the death of his mother, which he never got over,” the insider added. “That combined with his chaotic life — he often stays up and works for 48 hours at a time when he’s on, and calls his team at 3 a.m. Kanye needs a stronger support system, he needs to take some time to fall to the ground and start from scratch again. He’s so talented, but he’s his own worst enemy.”

mos def final concert

Yasiin Bey – formerly known as Mos Def – will say goodbye to fans in a series of concerts in December in New York and Washington, D.C.

The hip-hop star has announced he is retiring from the music business after getting into a legal fight in South Africa. He will take the stage at the Apollo Theater on Dec. 21 and then play the Kennedy Center from Dec. 31-Jan. 2.

Earlier this year, Bey was arrested in Cape Town following an attempt to leave South Africa using a document called a “world passport,” which South Africa does not recognize as valid. The government says Bey had since applied for an American passport after using one in the past.

South Africa’s home affairs department on Wednesday confirmed that Bey had left the country on Tuesday after apologizing to the government. In turn, authorities say, charges against him will be dropped.

Bey’s farewell concerts will include songs from his albums “The New Danger,” ”True Magic,” ”The Ecstatic” and “Black on Both Sides,” as well as new material.

brad pitt angelina jolie open up 2015 gossip

The FBI says it will not file charges against Brad Pitt stemming from an alleged dispute with his family aboard a private flight.

The FBI released a statement Tuesday saying it has reviewed the circumstances of the accusations and will not pursue further investigation.

Sources familiar with the allegations have said they center on the actor’s treatment of his 15-year-old son, Maddox, during a private flight in September.

Angelina Jolie Pitt filed for divorce a few days later. Her attorney said it was “for the health of the family.”

A spokesman for Pitt had no comment Tuesday. A representative for Jolie Pitt did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

Custody of the actors’ six children has been the primary issue in their divorce. Jolie Pitt is seeking sole custody of the children, while Pitt is seeking joint custody. A final agreement will be part of the couple’s divorce judgment when it is entered.

California law favors joint custody, although details about custody arrangements are rarely made public in celebrity divorce cases.

jake tapper horrified over jews people alt right

CNN and host Jake Tapper have apologized for an on-screen banner Tapper says “horrified” him when it appeared during his show.

The vacationing Tapper responded to outraged viewers with Twitter posts explaining he’s “furious.”

The offending phrase appeared Monday during a discussion among substitute host of “The Lead” Jim Sciutto and two journalists about Republican President-elect Donald Trump‘s support from the alt-right.

The segment focused on a white nationalist leader whose anti-Semitic declarations Sciutto called “hate-filled garbage.” An on-screen caption stated, “Alt-Right Founder Questions if Jews are People.”

CNN has issued a statement calling the caption “poor judgment” and saying it very much regrets it and apologizes.

One of the journalists on the show was The Boston Globe’s Matt Viser , who said Tuesday he was bombarded with messages calling him a “closet Nazi” because the caption appeared below his image and led people to believe he’s the white nationalist leader.