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Bow Wow, Phaedra Parks and Mo’Nique needing hugs and attention

Why do so many celebrities feel the need to fake the funk? I’ve been mulling this thought over in my mind here lately. I mean, I know why people like Kim Kardashian and her family do it

Heroes and Zeros: Leslie Jones vs Bow Wow

This week’s hero is an actress who just keeps winning and the zero is a rapper who keeps making a fool of himself.

Bradley Cooper passes on Beyonce’s Star & Keysia Cole loses eggs over Bow Wow

With all that’s going on in the world, sometimes you just need to forget it about the bull crap and veg out for a sec. So why not do it by reading about the purely entertaining albeit sometimes crazy antics of the rich and famous

Erica Men Gives Bow Wow Some Gaydar, Soulja Boy Hoverboard Scam & NeNe Leakes Feud Ends with Kenya Moore

Bow Wow has got those old gay rumors surfacing again from ex Erica Mena, Soulja Boy is getting some Hoverboard headaches and RHOA NeNe Leakes may have ended that feud with Kenya Moore.

Erica Mena Brings Out Bow Wow’s Bite & Young Thug’s Security Guard Killed

"Love & Hip Hop's" Erica Mena exposes the abusive side of Shad Moss aka Bow Wow, and things are just getting weirder for Cash Money Records as Young Thug's security guard was shot and killed.

Bow Wow Calls Out Erica Mena As Attention Whoring

Viola Davis made Emmy history and of course a woman has to knock her down by the name of Nancy Grahn from General Hospital. Bow Wow shows that he's not so in tune with women as some rumors have attested after blasting Erica Mena as just seeking attention.

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