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Bookies set odds on Mueller report as Donald Trump unleashes anger

Bookies are now setting odds on how Donald Trump will reacts the days leading up to the Mueller report coming out.

Donald Trump Investigations: What you need to know.

While Donald Trump is claiming full exoneration, there are still several investigations going on with the president. Here's what you need to know.

Michael Cohen is back to haunt Donald Trump again

Donald Trump's problems continue piling up as former personal lawyer Michael Cohen is now set to testify before Congress which will be televised. Will the president suddenly end the government shutdown to distract from Cohen?

What happens when Donald Trump fires or forces out Rob Rosenstein

Donald Trump stirred up plenty of concern for deputy attorney general Rob Rosenstein's future, but what exactly would happen if the man overseeing Bob Mueller's Russia investigation was bumped out? Here's what you need to know.

Read Devin Nune’s declassified memo released by Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has allowed the controversial Devin Nunes memo attacking the FBI and Justice Department to be released to the public and here is the full four page document to read.

What Donald Trump revealed with Mueller firing attempt

When The New York Times broke the story that Donald Trump has ordered for Robert Mueller to be fired from the independent counsel investigating Russia, it came as nor surprise to most and taught us five more things about the president.

Donald Trump overcompensates on Michael Flynn flip with tweets

If Donald Trump isn't worried about former national security advisor Michael Flynn flipping and working with Bob Mueller on that Russia investigation, why does he need to tweet so much about it?

Donald Trump’s legal team tries to refute his ‘under investigation’ tweet

Donald Trump is making his outside legal team work hard for the money as they continue having to clean up every mess he lays on Twitter.

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