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‘Sherlock Holmes’ Season 4 getting big screen treatment in U.S.

It's been three years since fans have seen Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman solving those "Sherlock Holmes" mysteries (aside from the one-off special last holiday), but Season 4 is back on the BBC

‘Doctor Strange’ tops box office again and ‘Arrival’ pleases

After the rollercoaster of an election, American audiences were ready for a little escape (when they weren't protesting) at the theater and "Doctor Strange" easily fit the bill.

‘Doctor Strange’ proves Marvel’s box office magic

Marvel and Benedict Cumberbatch proved to be a magical duo with "Doctor Strange" as it took the top spot at the box office while bringing in over $300 million around the world.

‘Doctor Strange’ delivers in all the best ways: Spoiler free review

Marius Marionilla checked out 'Doctor Strange' in the Phillippines and had only great things to say about it in his spoiler free review

‘Doctor Strange’ first 15 minutes on IMAX 3D is everything you want from MCU

We were lucky enough to check out Doctor Strange on IMAX 3D, or at least the first 15 minutes, but if the rest of the film is close to this, Marvel has another home run with Benedict Cumberbatch on Nov 4. It'll be a great holiday movie smash

Emilia Clarke wants more ‘Game of Thrones’ naked men and Liam Hemsworth says no to Miley Cyrus

Sadly, we had to take down this very beautiful g-rated picture of Emilia Clarke as the overzealous censors at Google Adsense thought it might offend someone. If it had been a picture of someone blowing another person away with a gun

‘Doctor Strange’: The Excitement Builds

Marvel Studios is set to release two more movies for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First is the much-anticipated "Captain America: Civil War" or "Avengers 2.5" which basically casts every major hero except for Thor and the Hulk.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Justin Bieber Makes Nice With Taylor Swift & Cumberbatch Baby

This week’s celebrity gossip includes an appearance by royalty as Prince Harry has reportedly been seen with Dr. Who actress Jenna Coleman. At a recent Hollywood event the two were spotted flirting

Benedict Cumberbatch Learns ‘Colored’ Is For Crayons

What do you do when you use the term“coloreds” during a national broadcast interview and you happen to be a white man from the UK? You call yourself an idiot (porously) and apologize to no end.

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