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Why Blu-Rays and 4K Blu-Rays Always Beat Streaming

While streaming services offer plenty of movie options nothing beats 4K Blu-Ray disc quality. Here's why.

Cyber Monday 2019: Absolute Hottest TV deals 4K, HD, Soundbars

4K and HD TVs are high on the list for Cyber Monday 2019 deals so here are the absolute best deals you can get for top quality.

How to Make a Motorized Monitor Using Linear Actuators

If your living space is too small but you nevertheless have the urgent desire to install a large plasma or 4K LED display panel,...

Hottest 3 future proof computer motherboards for any budget

Hunting for a that new super amped desktop? Remember that the motherboard is the driving force behind it so get one that will live longer than your last relationship. Here are 3 killer motherboards that can make your desktop last a full decade with as much power as the day you bought it on any budget.

Movavi Video Converter makes your movie converter process painless

Movavi Video Converter takes the movie converting process to a whole new level of ease and quality with their SuperSpeed technology.

Hottest 50″ – 60″ Televisions On Any Budget

Whether you're looking to spend a little extra or on a budget, these 4K and HD TVs will provide you with years of stunning visuals.

CES 2017: Bigger, thinner 4K tvs while 8K creeps in

CES 2017 is here so all you tech geeks know it's time for the International Consumer Electronics Show, which sounds a little dated now with that name. This year may finally bring 4K to the mainstream public

Could Apple Kill 4K by Going Straight to 8K?

Apple just loves going premium, sometimes driving technology to new heights just to be different. Before the iPod, a thousand songs in a portable music player was unheard of.

Sony 4K Keeping Moviegoers Home

The new Sony Bravia 4k television, has, no doubt made several changes among the moviegoers. This television, with its high quality as well as low price

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