How to Make a Motorized Monitor Using Linear Actuators

Motorized Drop Down TV 3 15 2019

If your living space is too small but you nevertheless have the urgent desire to install a large plasma or 4K LED display panel, then the installation of a special drop-down TV lift made of linear electric actuators will solve the problem. This construction provides vertical movement for the TV monitor. The whole mechanism of it was designed to simplify the life of those, who like watching TV but dislike staring at a black display when it is turned off. Now when it’s not in use, the display can be hidden away from view.

The set of materials and tools needed to bring the idea of a drop-down TV lift depends on the size of the TV panel itself, as well as the weight of the device. Luckily, TV’s nowadays are much lighter, so it’s even easier than ever to install.

Materials and Tools Needed:

  • Profile (channel for a particularly large TV panel). The quantity must be calculated so that there is enough for welding a rectangular carriage to fit the TV screen, as well as for two vertical strips that will be mounted on the wall or the back side of the wood dressing, plus two or four jumpers between them;
  • Fasteners (screws, dowels), an eye bolt (for fastening a rope);
  • Pencil;
  • Welding machine;
  • Ruler, protractor, and level;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Drill;
  • An electric motor;
  • Electric linear actuator;
  • Electric relay;
  • Bracket with pulley and small cable
  • A locking mechanism that snaps when after a monitor to hide away.
Measure twice drill once for 4K TV drop down monitor project.

Step 1

In the beginning, the major measurements are needed. You have to calculate meticulously the distance between all four holes for mounting the screen, as well as the length of the guide rails distance. Remember that old rule, measure twice, drill once.

Frame to fit 4K tv to drop down from ceiling.

Step 2

The second important step for your TV lift is making the frame to affix the TV screen on it. Welding a rectangular square of channels of appropriate size or create a mounting plate, depending on which material you’ve chosen.

Create a mounting plate for your drop down motorized monitor.

Step 3

After making the frame for your TV, do the relevant marking on the surface of the back wall of the cabinet or the screen holder which it will be attached. If the surface to hold your guide rails is the wall, you will have to install the dowels first. After that, you will have to attach guide rails to it with screws. Before starting the next stage of work, it is worth checking once again how well the TV screen carriage drives along the guides. If necessary, the profile edges of the guide rails should be bent a bit with pliers.

Attach 4k TV to bracket for motorized monitor. Man screwing in bracket.

Step 4

Now, the TV screen needs to be attached to a bracket with a pulley and small cable. This must be connected to a linear actuator powered to an electric motor through the electric relay. The mechanism for your TV screen lift is set from inside of the pedestal or cabinet if it must be raised from below. Optionally, it can also go into the ceiling if the screen must be lifted to be hidden behind it.

Amazing drop down 4k tv monitor with linear actuator on yacht.

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