Hottest 50″ – 60″ Televisions On Any Budget

hottest 50   60 televisions on any budget

Hottest 50" - 60" Televisions On Any Budget 2017 images

The good news for anyone looking to upgrade that television set you’ve probably had for quite some time now is that prices have dropped considerably. After many manufacturers had people believing that 3D TVs would be the next big thing (they weren’t), some of you may be a little skittish about trying out the new next big thing which is 4K.

This hit back in 2013 and for all you early adopters, it’s been a true luxury where you find yourself going to the theater much less as the quality often surpasses those at your local multiplex.

The sound and visual quality of many 4K TVs truly is better than theaters so you can put that into your cost-benefit analysis if you have someone at home who doesn’t get nearly as excited as you for top-of-the-line picture quality. 4K gives a much broader and richer range of color while also making brighter whites and deeper, darker blacks. It’s color the way it was meant to be where you feel like you’re looking through a window into an exciting world.

4k black color

Do you remember how it felt when you first saw HD? Well, it’s double that with a 4K television. You may have heard about 8K TVs on the horizon, but this article is about helping you with the new format that’s not just a flash in the pan trend. 4K is here to stay, and prices have dropped so you can get one for as low as $500. Netflix has gotten a really good supply of 4K content, so now is a great time to upgrade that television.

Some of you may be just looking for a high definition (HD) TV, so we’ve got you covered there too.

samsung ks9500 series front

Samsung KS9500 Series

This is one of the top-of-the-line beautifully bright TVs that has an incredible picture and sound. Samsung is one of the three top brands that has focused on creating the best colors and sound as they know that’s what makes a true viewing experience.

You can have an amazing picture quality, but if the sound isn’t as good, you’re going to notice. They use a technology called SUHD Quantum Dot color that gives up to a billion color combinations. After trying this one out for ourselves, we can confirm that it’s not marketing hyperbole either. This set is beautiful, and it doesn’t matter what you like watching. You’re going to see things in all their brilliance with the KS9500 series.

samsungg ks9500 series tv

You don’t have to worry that you’ll need only 4K content to view on these TVs. They will upgrade whatever you’re watching to bring out the best it can be. With the SUHD, it is able to analyze the brightness of what you’re watching and remaster it for optimal viewing.

The curved screen is another exciting aspect of this, as it delivers a truly immersive experience making wherever you sit the best seat. Earlier curved TVs made it so you had to be sitting within five feet to fully enjoy the immersion, but Samsung has taken their state-of-the-art screen to a whole new level.

Remember when those quality TVs were over a hundred pounds and became the sole focus of whatever room they were in? Well even with a stand, this one is under 60 pounds and is thinner than most picture frames. You can also access the internet and any app you want on this. Older TVs would require you to buy a converter to have internet access so you could get Netflix, but it’s all just one flick of the remote switch away now.

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LG OLED E6 Series

LG and Sony are my absolute favorite TVs when it comes to 4K picture quality as they go above and beyond satisfying all your visual and aural senses. LG is the one that I look forward to every year, and their OLED series is just superior to all others. The difference with OLED is that rather than having any backlighting like all other LED TVs, this one has electric current that passes through organic light-emitting diodes. Each OLED pixel creates its own light source independent of the pixels next to it. If there is a black image next to a brilliant white one, there’s no bleeding over which is something that happens with current LED TVs.

What this means is that there’s no light behind the picture so you’re getting the absolute best picture color quality money can buy.

lg oled e6 series

The color contrast is incredible, and if you’re watching a movie that does a fade to black, you’ll wonder if your TV has been turned off as the blacks are that realistic. The LG OLED E6’s ‘picture on glass’ design makes this a true work of art. Where TVs used to be an eyesore, LG is turning them into pieces that blend beautifully with your living area. Its thin design makes it easy to either hang on the wall or on a stand.

Samsung JS8500 Series images

Samsung JS8500 Series

For the under $1,000 TVs, Samsung’s JS8500 Series is a viewing pleasure that’s hard to beat for the value. The colors are dynamic and will please any sports and movie enthusiast. This is great with 4K detail upscaling and none of that annoying motion blur.

samsung brilliant images js8500

The Samsung comes with a separate box for all your connections, so you don’t have that cable octopus look that’s nearly impossible to get through when you need to unplug or change something. You can put the box in an out of sight place, so there’s only one cable to lead to the TV for all those who hate clutter.


LG 55LH5750 HD TV

For those of you that aren’t ready for the 4K plunge, here’s the perfect HD TV that’s under $500. LG hasn’t skimped on their HD TV, and it comes with a really crystal clear picture and an intuitive smart-TV interface.

While LG is more known for the top-of-the-line 4K OLED, they’ve created a great budget HD TV that gives a truly faithful 1080p picture. While it doesn’t support 4K or high dynamic range format, it delivers a great picture on a budget.