‘House of Cards’ Chapter 45 Truth won’t set you free

house of cards chapter 45 truth wont set you free 2017 images

'House of Cards' Chapter 45 Truth won't set you free 2017 images

OK, do you want to hear about a complicated energy deal orchestrated by Raymond Tusk on House of Cards Chapter 45? I thought not.

All I know is that he’s going to make some of his money back on this deal that involves the Russian government, Chinese rulers, along with some American energy companies and Team Underwood of course.

Frank’s still tripping on ammonia in his brain from his useless liver. But Doug is on the move. He’s just threatened the Secretary of Health to bump the guy at the number one spot, so Frank gets the first available liver.

This is both illegal and unethical. Two things of no concern to Doug Stamper.

Leann’s main concern is the search engine manipulation by Republican candidate Will Conway. She says Frank has no chance if they don’t address that factor.

Jackie is finally told by Remy about the blackmail from Leann. She’s forced to help Claire on the energy deal and sees this will be held over her head going forward. Not very formidable now!

The hallucinations for Frank get worse and worse with visions of Zoe and Russo as the Prez tries to escape the room to no avail.

How can Heather Dunbar save her sinking ship of a campaign? Simply lie about the meeting with Lucas. That’s how you play with sharks like Frank and Claire.

She tries her best to lie at her hearing in Bill Clinton style without actually using direct lies. That won’t work so she has to back down and tell the truth and allows the video of the hearing to go public. Dunbar thinks that using honesty will get her points with the public.

Wrong. Her love for the rule of law is her downfall.

house of cards chapter 45 secretary of state

Campaign over. Cynthia Driscoll is looking for work with the enemy.

Dunbar was on top of the world until Lucas visited her. Ironic that Lucas’ actions actually ended up helping Frank….if he lives.

Some good news for Frank. A young man shoots himself, so he has a liver on the way. An innocent life to save a monster.

Bad news is Claire can’t be bothered to stay for his surgery. She’s on a plane with Cathy to the G7 Summit to help with the energy deal.

You had to love the scene between Claire and Petrov, alone in a room together. Him flirting with her. She is desperately wanting to get her plan approved. Two twisted people negotiating with each other. He’s a whacko dictator that can’t intimidate this woman who knows he’s not going to lay a hand on her even though they get nearly nose to nose at one point.

Oh and Claire ignores a call from Frank who has awakened from his dangerous transplant operation! She also has the stones to call Petrov a beggar who needs this energy deal to work in order to keep the peace in his own country.

She actually gets the deal done this time!

house of cards claire dunwood

Frank is expected to make a quick recovery with the fresh liver he received. Doug is pleased but is forced to look at the man he essentially murdered by having him bumped from the liver recipient list. The Secretary of Health made sure he saw the decent family man that had his chance at life ripped by Doug.

Finally Claire and Frank get a chance to talk. He seemingly has learned to appreciate her. He’s having to lean on her just to walk down the hall. Frank compliments his wife on her plan in dealing with the Russians.

He seems sincere….

Claire is told by Frank that he’s nothing without her. Not the other way around, which he told her in the season three finale. Near death experiences can change people. Even this evil man. He’s not turning into a saint. He just realizes he needs his wife in order stay on top.

No one was happier than Donald Blythe to see the real President sign the executive order giving Frank his rightful spot at QB1 of America.

Lucky for America, the country wasn’t taken over during Donald’s two-week run as the most terrified POTUS ever.

Let’s see how long it takes for Frank to get back to his old self. He’s a tough old bird.

Even tougher with his wife working with him instead of against.

house of cards claire underwood with frank

A few notable moments from this episode of House of Cards:

  • “The president is the people who work for him.” This is what I was getting at in my last review: Frank has set the culture of deceit and treachery in the White House, and in his absence, everyone else fills the void.
  • “Pollyhop”? Seriously? How hard is it to come up with a plausible-sounding alternative to Google? “Let me Pollyhop that for you” just doesn’t trip off the tongue.
  • Ghosts from seasons past continue to materialize. Janine Skorsky (Constance Zimmer) is still keeping a low profile, but she does confirm the truth of Goodiwn’s suicide note to her old boss Tom Hammerschmidt (Boris McGiver).
  • “A Supreme Court nomination? In the middle of an election?” Once again, House Of Cards is accidentally timely.