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Kevin Spacey loses one accuser as Scotland Yard steps in

As one accuser against Kevin Spacey has dropped his lawsuit, Scotland Yard has travelled to the United States to interview the award winning actor.

Diversity rules box office with ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ pushing ‘Meg’ down

Crazy Rich Asians showed Hollywood that diversity can bring in the big bucks at the box office as it topped the box office pushing Jason Statham's The Meg down to second place.

‘Roseanne,’ ‘Transparent,’ ‘House of Cards’ fighting through scandals

While many television shows have died quickly after the main star gets rocked by scandal, Roseanne, Transparent and House of Cards are looking to buck the odds and continue on.

How to beat the casino – if you lived in the movies

Everyone would love to live like the casino kingpins we see in the movies, but here's a few tips you can learn from films like 21, Ocean's Eleven and Casino Royale.

Whatever happened to the women accusing Donald Trump of groping them?

With all the women coming forward after Harvey Weinstein, I was left wondering whatever happened to all those women that came forward about Donald Trump's groping them? The fight isn't over for some of them.

Harvey Weinstein floodgates open on sexual misconduct list

A comprehensive list of Hollywood and media professionals accused of sexual misconduct and assault against other men and women.

Louis C.K. owns up to allegations and watches career implode

Comedian Louis C.K. quickly jumps in front of the sexual misconduct allegations to admit fault and apologize unlike most of Hollywood men recently accused.

How one week destroyed Kevin Spacey’s career

It only took one week for Kevin Spacey's past behavior to catch up with him, and many are thanking Anthony Rapp for stepping up.

Kevin Spacey falls hard, Alec Baldwin off Twitter and Netflix mess

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kevin Spacey continues falling, Alec Baldwin gets baby number 4 and how Netflix can salvage their "House of Cards" mess.

More allegations hit Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Pivens as floodgates open

More women and men are coming forward with sexual harassment allegations as Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Piven have been hit with new ones. Even Dustin Hoffman has been hit from hit long ago past.

Selena Gomez long Weeknd ends, Wendy Williams faints and Kim K offends

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: "House of Cards" suspended, Wendy Williams Liberty faint, Selena Gomez ends with The Weeknd, Florbama Shore starts and Wells Adams taken.

‘House of Cards’ Season 5 trailer makes our reality more real

House of Cards Season 5 trailer hit today and it can be summed up in three words. "One nation, Underwood."

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