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‘House of Cards’ Chapter 46: When Conways met the Underwoods

Quitters never win and winners always cheat in House of Cards Chapter 46. At least in politics. The oh so honorable Heather Dunbar found that out the hard way.

‘House of Cards’ Chapter 45 Truth won’t set you free

OK, do you want to hear about a complicated energy deal orchestrated by Raymond Tusk on House of Cards Chapter 45? I thought not.

‘House of Cards’ Chapter 43 Vice President Claire Underwood

As House of Cards Chapter 43 opens, Doug and Seth advise the President about his chances if he lets Claire run as his VP. Slim to none is Seth's assessment, but Doug tells him to do his job and make it work.

‘House of Cards’ 403 Frank Underwood’s Klan man

Can "House of Cards" Lucas Goodwin be content vacuuming cars out for a living? Doubtful. The open of episode 3 shows our former reporter and newly freed witness protection member checking out the political headlines in the paper.

‘House of Cards’ 402 Frank and Claire’s showdown

How do you get back at your "House of Cards" POS son-in-law that now runs the most powerful nation in the world? Give money to the enemy campaign. That's Claire's mom's plan anyway.

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