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Cyber Monday 2019: Amazon Hottest Sales Deals Live Now UPDATED

Amazon's Cyber Monday Deals are already live so here are the best hottest deals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get now.

Apple iPhone X did it so why notch?

While other companies and people made fun of Apple's iPhone X notch on the front of smart phone, it didn't take long for everyone to steal the idea with many doing it badly.

CES 2018: More AI and smart consumer gadgets

CES 2018 has plenty of great TV's like LG's new 88-inch 8K display but many smart gadgets are centering around your voice.

Hottest 50″ – 60″ Televisions On Any Budget

Whether you're looking to spend a little extra or on a budget, these 4K and HD TVs will provide you with years of stunning visuals.

Could Apple Kill 4K by Going Straight to 8K?

Apple just loves going premium, sometimes driving technology to new heights just to be different. Before the iPod, a thousand songs in a portable music player was unheard of.

Is It the Right Time To Buy A 4K UHD TV?

With the dramatic drop in prices, consumers are left in a confusing dilemma whether to pay for a standard 1080p TV or find some extra funds to invest in a 4K TV.

Will 4K TV’s Go Mainstream In 2015?

4K TV, also known as Ultra HD (high definition), is a concept that began in the end of 2012 but it is only now that it has become a concept that is growing in terms of recognition.

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