Perfect Time To End Deflategate

tom brady not dealing with deflategate for white house obama visit 2015

deflategate still not resolved as patriots go to white house 2015

When would it be a good time to end the most mocked investigation in the history of pro sports known as Deflategate? It appears there is no good time for the conclusion of this embarrassing incident. It has been forever since the AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Colts in which all those footballs were found to be under inflated. The NFL clearly didn’t want to know what really happened before the Super Bowl was played. That would have been terrible timing. The League couldn’t afford to have a team in the Super Bowl that just cheated in the game that propelled them to the most watched event of the year.

Now it appears that the NFL would not like the findings announced this week as it would put a damper on the champions’ White House visit. This is ridiculous. It’s not like the White House has never been a part of a scandal. I will assure you that deflating a few pigskins is nothing compared to what the politicians have done at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over the years. Bill Clinton running through interns, Nixon getting off racist blasts recorded by the recording system he implemented himself, and Dick Cheney chiseling away at the Constitution on a daily basis are just a few of the scandals that come to mind. Deflategate is child’s play compared to the real pros that are running this country.

patriots owner robert kraft hanging on to roger goodell for deflategate 2015

After the Patriots have had their picture taken with POTUS and maybe even smoked a cigarette or two with Obama, there will be another event that the League doesn’t want marred by Deflategate. Roger Goodell doesn’t want to have to talk about the scandal as he puts on that fake smile and goes through numerous awkward hugs on draft night. The Commish wants the spotlight to show the positives of the NFL. He wants no negative news to ruin a big ratings night.

After the draft is over, there will be another reason the NFL does not want the findings of Ted Wells released. Memorial Day is in May so vacationers couldn’t bear this news. And of course Independence Day in July would be ruined if a team called the “Patriots” were announced as cheaters. Oh and I believe Andrew Luck’s birthday is in August and it would upset the Colts QB if it turns out that his team was the real villain in all this. There simply is no good time for this moronic investigation to come to a close. Tom Brady has not even been interviewed by Wells! Either Wells is incompetent or does not wish to finish this thing up. It has to be the latter and it has to be based on the wishes of the powers that be, namely Roger Goodell, allegedly.

tom brady not dealing with deflategate for white house obama visit 2015

If anyone thinks Pats fans are sweating this long wait, they are dead wrong. The delay has only emboldened Patriots fanatics. Many believe that not only will their team be exonerated of all wrongdoing, but that the Colts will be outed as the bad guy in this scandal. Oh and the Ravens could be part of the problem as well according to many chowderheads. It is a very common opinion that the Colts set the Patriots up to look like cheaters. Two months ago that would have seemed more ridiculous than the need for this investigation in the first place. But now, this theory has legs.

If that turns out to be the case, with the Patriots being victims in this Deflategate deal, the NFL will look awful. Everyone assumed from the start that the League was going to delay this thing as long as possible so the damage would be minimal. If the Pats were set up by the Colts, the delay makes the NFL and Goodell look like they have something to hide since so many fingers were pointed at the eventual Super Bowl Champs.

Many thought that Roger Goodell would lose his gig as NFL Commissioner after the Ray Rice video scandal. He somehow wormed his way out of that and held onto his gig. It would be hilarious if a silly thing like under inflated footballs ended the dictator’s run as head guy in the League. I hate to actively root for a man to lose his job, especially one that pays as well as dictator of the NFL, but I will make an exception in Goodell’s case. Anything that happens as a result of this never ending investigation is Goodell’s own fault. All he had to do was have someone come in a few days after the game in question and say the balls were fine after all, or set up a patsy for the fall. No one would have cared. Most NFL fans see this entire thing as just plain silly. It is nothing more than water cooler talk at this point, and if there were actual games going on, then it would be pushed to the backburner and forgotten in about a week.

As I have said before, I do not care if Deflategate ever has a conclusion. Ted Wells can draw a check for this farce of an investigation until he is dead for all I care. The only positive that could come out of this entire scandal is Roger Goodell losing his job, and sadly that is a real longshot. Since the NFL sees no good time to have the findings released, then I don’t either. Never is fine with me as well.

Maybe I will start a Kickstarter campaign to fund my own independent investigation of Deflategate. It might go viral and set me up with a few thousand dollars to get to the truth. That would be easy since I know the truth already. The New England Patriots beat the brakes off the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015. It would not have mattered if they played with Nerf footballs. They went on to win one of the best Super Bowls ever played two weeks later. Case closed, no further evidence needed.