Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Sherri Shepherd A Motha Again, Black Chyna Shading On Kylie Jenner

blac chyna makes fun of kylie jenner 2015 gossip

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The rumor mill is constantly turning and today Sherri Shepherd learns she can’t abandon her baby, while Black Chyna throws some shade Kylie Jenner‘s way.

king ba ticking off chris brown with baby play 2015 gossip

Chris Brown Has a Battle on His Hands

Chris Brown is obviously ecstatic to be a father and really takes pride in the fact that his daughter Royalty exists but he is not the only one who is in love with the little girl.

According to what looks to be social media beef, King Ba (yes that is what he tells people to call him) Nia Guzman’s boyfriend, Brown’s baby momma, is claiming Royalty as his own. He has posted pictures on his Instagram account showing him playing with the toddler and even got a new tattoo of a crown and the name Nia on his wrist.

chris brown baby vs king ba 2015 gossip

His response seems to be a jab at Chris Brown’s pictures he posted last week of himself and HIS daughter clearing having a moment.

This is all kinds of messed up. KB is wrong. If he is there because he is with Royalty’s mom that’s one thing, but why does he have to rub it in Brown’s face? It would be different if was an absent father but Chris is there (well from what it seems). Just let the man be a dad to his daughter and you be the dick to her momma.

sherrie shepherd tries to abandon baby but judge makes her claim it 2015 gossip

Sherri Shepherd Says, “I Aint the Momma”

Oh but Sherri Shepherd, you are in deed the mother. In a totally crazy a somewhat unbelievable story, Shepherd claimed that her soon to be ex husband “tricked” her into have a baby via a surrogate. When the marriage went south, she didn’t want to have anything to do with the whole baby thing.  It even went to court to determine the maternity.

Well, a judge has officially ruled that she is to be listed as the child’s mother (she signed the birth certificate) which means that if her husband is the one caring for her, she has to pay child support.

Lamar Sally, her estranged husband has been in a court battle with Shepherd since the baby girl’s birth back in August and according to Sherri, it is all about the money honey.

Because she is claiming to be tricked into “having” the baby, she feels no responsibility or connection at all.

Regardless  of what she is saying the case to be, they will meet in front of a judge in L.A. to determine the child support situation.

I’ve never been a fan of Shepherds as she always runs to her ‘God’ whenever she doesn’t have an answer, and the fact that she claims she loves her gay friends but feel that they’re not good enough to be able to marry just proves her hypocrisy. Sadly, this latest instance, just shows this woman’s true colors and I can’t wait for her face to stop appearing in the press, tv and movies. Just go away Sherri, please and raise that son of yours rather than running around like this.

black chyna kylie jenner tyga love triangle feud 2015 gossip

Black Chyna throws more shade at Kylie Jenner

With all the shade these superstars throw at each other, I am sure they are able to keep nice and cool during the summer.

Blac Chyna, of course, has something so say about the whole #kyliejennerchallenge… you know the stupid ass thing that girls are doing to get plump looking lips. Ugh, people, if you are going to try to look like someone famous,  at least let the feature you are coveting be natural.

blac chyna makes fun of kylie jenner 2015 gossip

Anyway, Tyga, Blac Chyna’s baby daddy and Kylie’s current boo (supposedly) hasn’t had too much to say about the two beefing but the former stripper sure does.  She posted on her Instagram a scary looking picture (well to me) of herself with giant red wax lips making fun of Jenner with a caption letting people know that the toy lips will soon be available on her website.

Jenner, not one to have shade thrown at her, posted a picture of herself behind the wheel of her Range Rover with the car’s logo prominently displayed with the caption “currently.”

While that was cute and I get what she was trying to communicate (kind of) Blac Chyna had the last laugh when she posted an ass shot of herself with the caption “permanently.”

Oh famous women and their going back and forth over stupid shit. They really know how to show the rest of us how to be ladies.

beyonce being sued for copyright theft 2015 gossip

Beyoncé Sued by Back Up Singer Over Her “XO” song

When you are two of the most influential and powerful people in the world, folks will always target you to capitalize on who you are.

Beyoncé is at the center of a new lawsuit that was filed over six months ago which claims she copied the song or the idea for the song “XO.” Ahmad Javon Lane, who works as a back up singer (not hers though) claims that Beyoncé “stole” a song that he gave to one of her back up singers Chrissy Collins.

ahmad javon lane suing beyonce for xo copyright 2015 gossip

Back in November 2014, Lane filed a federal lawsuit against both her and her labels. He feels that Collins gave the track to Bey and she thought so highly of it, she just plain stole it! And then performed it live just to rub it in his face. Yeah right!

Who does this guy really think he is? I heard his song and trust and believe that it sounds nothing like Beyoncé’s final product. In fact, he talks about having sex and wanting to fuck and she is talking about love. The melodies are different, the pace is different and it’s all just… different.

He is demanding $3 million. Why do people always try to get on through scandal instead of through talent?

Bey’s lawyers are fighting it and asking for it to be dismissed because as I mentioned earlier, the songs sound nothing alike. Last week, she and her lawyers responded calling it “vague and ill-found”. She even goes further to point out that Lane never clarified what the actual similarities are in both tracks even when her lawyers reached out to him. They also say that since the letters “XO” can’t be copyrighted, his claims are unfounded and hope the judge throws it all out. You know how the court system in this country works and how bad the copyright laws are so we’ll see in another six months to a year what happens next.