NFL Week 4 Preview 2015

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nfl 2015 logo image

Have you been outside recently? It’s finally starting to feel like football weather! It only took four weeks. A few teams are also starting to stand out from the crowd. With that, let’s take a look at all the Week Four matchups in the NFL:

Miami Dolphins at Oakland Raiders: The Dolphins take on the Raiders in Wembley Stadium in London this Sunday. At least this matchup will be a little more even than last year when the 49ers crushed the Jaguars 42-10. This game will probably be really low scoring, so all the soccer fans in England may enjoy it even more. The Dolphins may have looked great since their Week One upset over the Patriots, but they should have no problem taking down the Raiders.

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears: The Bears have won two straight road games, and now they head home to take on the struggling Aaron Rodgers and the 1-2 Packers. This should prove to be a great matchup: the Bears want to show the NFL they’re for real, and the Packers are desperate to win and avoid falling behind in the division. Normally it’s a bad idea to underestimate Rodgers, but he has yet to prove himself this season. The Bears just may have his him beat in Chicago.

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans: The Chargers showed the league that the Bills were vastly overrated last week. The Texans aren’t a great team (you can’t be great with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center), but they are certainly better than the team that went 2-14 a season ago. Bill O’Brien and the Texans defense will help them bounce back from their loss to New York and take down the Bills.

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts: The Colts started 0-2 and then took out their frustration on the Jaguars last week. Well, don’t expect the Colts to get over their poor sjust like that. The Colts are an offensive powerhouse that loves to beat up weak teams, especially the ones in their division. The Titans are one of those weak teams.

Detroit Lions at New York Jets: The Lions always seem to pull out a victory in Detroit, but they have yet to prove that they can win on the road. Both teams love to shoot themselves in the foot when they seem to have victory secured, but at the same time the Jets always seem to rally around Rex Ryan coming off of a loss. Unless the Lions can cut down on stupid penalties, this may be the upset of the week.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Tomlin’s squad looked like the Super Bowl XL and XLIII champions they are against the Panthers. The Buccaneers looked like the winless team of 1976 against the Falcons. The Panther are better than the Falcons. You do the math. The Steelers will have no problem blowing the Bucs out of the water.

Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers: Upset of the week…just kidding. Blake Bortles will be starting his first game on the road in San Diego. He looked only slightly better than Chad Henne at home against the Colts, so don’t expect too much from the rookie quarterback. The Chargers will have no problem earning their third win in a row.

 Philadelphia Eagles at San Francisco 49ers: Through three weeks, the Eagles are the best second half team in the NFL, but the worst first half team. The 49ers are the exact opposite—they have been spectacular in the first half of game but disappear after halftime. The Eagles are undefeated right now, while the Niners are coming into this game at 1-2. A loss here would basically end the 49ers season. Expect them to rally back in front of their home crowd and save their season with a win over Philadelphia.

Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings: The Falcons are coming off a huge victory over the Buccaneers at home, and they may be a little too confident heading into Minnesota. The Vikings will be starting rookie Teddy Bridgewater this week, who really hung in there during last week’s loss in New Orleans. Matt Ryan looks flawless at home, but he wasn’t able to do anything in Cincinnati. This game could easily be a big upset if the Falcons aren’t careful.

New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys: Both teams have amazing offensive power but very sad defenses. The Saints defense looks horrible, but the Cowboys still have yet to even show that they have a defense. The Saints offense struggled at home last week; but they have abused the Cowboys in the Drew Brees era, so they should have no problem getting back on track in Dallas.

New England Patriots at Kansas Chiefs: Someone needs to tell Tom Brady that the season has begun, because clearly he hasn’t realized it yet. Brady looks atrocious. The Chiefs are nothing like the team that started 9-0 last season, but a primetime game in front of an excited crowd at Arrowhead Stadium could be more than enough to propel them past the struggling Patriots.