Floyd Mayweather’s Thoughts On Ray Rice & NFL Response

floyd mayweather bottoms out for ray rice nfl abuses 2014

floyd mayweather bottoms out for ray rice nfl abuses 2014

It would be nice if the best boxer in the world would simply go away. That is a shame to have to say about one of the best athletes alive today. But Floyd Mayweather‘s recent comments on the Ray Rice case just reinforce what a horrible human being the biggest draw in boxing is. The undefeated champion came out publicly to defend the Baltimore Raven’s running back after the NFL changed their decision and booted Rice from the league indefinitely. The punishment changed after the video surfaced of Ray Rice punching his then girlfriend in the elevator. Floyd Mayweather stated that the NFL should have stayed with their original punishment and not switched up even after the video was made public by TMZ. “I think there’s a lot worse things that go on in other people’s households, also,” Mayweather said. “It’s just not caught on video, if that’s safe to say.”

It is pitiful that this man does not know when to shut his mouth or have anyone in his camp that is able to reign him in a bit. But stupid statements like these just show how out of touch with reality Mayweather really is. I am not sure why he thought he was the right person to wade into the deep waters of domestic abuse cases. He is not exactly a scholarly fellow. He recently was called out online by rapper 50 Cent for being illiterate if that tells you anything about the guy’s mental capacity.

Domestic abuse is a serious subject that needs insight from people who don’t go around acting a fool, talking about their private jet, and being a general douche bag. I don’t think the NFL is going to call in Mayweather to be on any kind of panel to straighten out the league now that abuse has come to the forefront there. Or perhaps I am wrong. Since Mayweather has been caught up in a few domestic abuse cases himself, maybe he would be a good consultant to Roger Goodell. Perhaps the NFL’s upper management could get a clear idea of what goes on in the mind of a man who has no problem putting his hands on a female. And since the boxer has no problem making statements about the subject, he might be the right guy to shed some light on just want makes a woman beater tick. This would help the NFL figure out a way to deal with domestic violence going forward with its players. It would be hard to stomach listening to Floyd Mayweather for very long since he is a loud mouth who repeats himself often, but the NFL could use his opinions to help shape their abuse policy. They would be able to see into the mind of a coward who hits women and apparently likes to share thoughts about other athletes who hit ladies as well.

If anyone thinks I am being too hard on Mr. Mayweather, they should dig deeper into his past as a woman beater. Or his present…for all I know he is still doing the same thing. He has shown no remorse for the cases he has been involved in before. The guy spent a couple months in jail in 2012 for hitting his girlfriend with his kids watching at the time. He took a plea deal that kept him from the possibility of a longer jail sentence. He was not going to face a long sentence though. Let’s be honest. He is Floyd Mayweather and is filthy rich. I mean filthy.

He of course maintains his innocence in that case.  But that is not the only incident that he has been caught up in that involves domestic abuse. There are too many incidents to list in this space. He is a serial woman beater and deserves no respect from any boxing fan or any thinking person for that matter. And the idea that he thought he should weigh in on the Ray Rice situation is almost laughable, if he were not such a disgusting person. If you would like to read about all the incidents that detail this guy’s awful history with hitting ladies, please checkout this piece on Deadspin from IronMikeGallego http://deadspin.com/the-trouble-with-floyd-Mayweather-1605217498. Be prepared to have your stomach turn a bit.

I was once a huge boxing fan. But the sport has fallen on hard times for a few reasons. Dirty promoters, crooked judges, too many titles, and terrible people like Floyd Mayweather representing the sweet science are among those reasons. Boxing will never be what it was back in the glory days. Its time has come and gone I am afraid. And that is really a shame. Boxing is a great sport that is filled with glorious fights between true warriors. I could watch old fights all day long. I could read about the sport and its athletes again and again. I hate that boxing has fallen so far so fast. And the fact that the best fighter in the world of boxing is a man who allegedly beats women consistently is the real shame. Boxing is on life support right now and no glorious return is on the horizon. I hate to think that what my generation will remember as the last great boxer is going to be Floyd Mayweather. The sport deserves better than that. Or maybe not. Perhaps this is just karma catching up with the once proud sport of boxing. All the shady Don King deals. All the rigging of outcomes. All the champions lining up whipping boys instead of real challengers. All the corrupt boxing councils. All these things may have added up to boxing deserving a pathetic guy like Floyd Mayweather being the king of the worst sport in terms of public appearance in 2014.

It would be nice if somebody gave Mayweather a just beating in the boxing ring. That is doubtful to ever happen as he winds down his career. But it would be nice to see. I have a feeling he will get his due eventually outside of the ring. He is not going to be able to control himself. One day he will hit another woman and end up in prison for a longer stretch. Or worse, he will lay hands on the wrong woman who believes in the 2nd amendment and takes the law into her own hands to end his streak of wins versus females.