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Ray Rice making himself face of NFL domestic violence education

Ray Rice Working with NFL to Help Players Understand their Social Responsibility

Peyton Manning & What Kids Should Know about Athletes

The latest scandal involving Peyton Manning and what he did or didn't do to a female trainer back in his college playing days got me to thinking about what kids should know about their hero athletes.

Greg Hardy Gets Ray Rice Back In News

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy and NFL free agent running back Ray Rice both made their (not-so) triumphant returns to our television sets this weekend.

Derrick Coleman Suspended from Seattle Seahawks Indefinitely

Some NFL players are easy to clown when they get into trouble off the field. Pac-Man Jones has had so many issues it is no big deal to write a piece on his many brushes with the law.

NFL Preseason Week 1 Winners & Losers

The NFL is back! I know it’s just preseason football, but the excitement is still there after enduring a long summer of other sports that just don’t do it for me or the rest of America. I will take a preseason NFL game over a regular season baseball game any day.

Video Footage Makes it Worse for Jon Jones

The release of the 911 call and video aftermath of Jon Jones' hit and run accident has made things a bit worse for the former UFC champion. The video doesn't change what happened of course, but as we saw with the Ray Rice footage it can sure turn up the heat.

Top 10 Most Hated Players in NFL 2015

In the NFL there are players that the fans feel they can associate with and those that alienate themselves from even the most loyal of football fans. Where guys like Peyton Manning are consistently voted the most likeable players in the league year after year

5 Reasons Ray Rice Won’t Get Another Shot With NFL

Ray Rice may be a totally different person from the one that we all saw throw a punch at his future wife in an elevator. He may have had just one bad night and had never done anything of the sort before.

Roger Goodell’s Future

Even though the NFL had an epic playoff run with many nail biters and a Super Bowl that will have folks talking for years, Roger Goodell had to be relieved the season was over.

Top Moments From 2014-2015 NFL Season

Super Bowl XLIX is now over, marking the end of an amazing 2014-2015 NFL season. As the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots battled it out in what was easily one of the best Super Bowls in current history

Did The NFL Clean Up Its Act In 2014 For 2015?

I am sure Roger Goodell is pleased with himself after a rough start to the 2014 NFL season. The fact that he still has a job in the NFL is reason enough for his happy state of mind.

Ray Rice’s NFL Job Hunting

We could debate endlessly whether Ray Rice deserves another chance in football. I don’t have endless time so I will debate it for a few lines here.

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