A Closer Look At TOTAL DIVAS Cast Season 3: John Cena the Player

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The cast of Total Divas includes the most popular and most interesting divas the WWE has. The most experienced one on the show is Natalya, who comes from a wrestling family and has been getting in the ring longer than any of her reality TV co-stars. The two second most experienced divas on the show are Nikki and Brie. Then there are the newcomers, like Cameron and Naomi, Eva Marie and now Summer Rae, who is the newest diva on the show and in the ring.

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The most likely reason why the WWE chose to add Summer Rae to Total Divas is because she and Natalya frequently get into verbal spats in front of the cameras. Whether this is all for show or the two really don’t get along, we may never know. However, if it isn’t real they make it look pretty convincing anyway.

In one infamous scene from the completed first half of season three, Natalya is driving Rosa Mendes, Eva Marie and Summer Rae in her rental car and Summer Rae makes a comment about Natalya’s husband TJ that angers Natalya so much she actually pulls over to the side of the road and kicks Summer Rae out of her car. All the while Rosa Mendes and Eva Marie are trying to talk her out of doing it, but Natalya is having none of it.

From the very first moment Summer Rae was introduced on Total Divas drama followed her like baby ducks follow their mother. No doubt she was added to the cast to keep the ratings high and keep viewers tuning in week after week. There is nothing like a good catfight between two women who can’t stand each other to get people to watch.

While we’re at it, it’s worth mentioning that when Rosa Mendes started appearing on the show there was almost immediately tension between the her and poor Natalya. Seems Natty can’t escape the drama of Total Divas no matter how hard she tried.

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Another aspect of the show worth mentioning, and one that was particularly prevalent so far this season, is that several of the divas featured on the show are married to or dating a fellow WWE wrestler. With Natalya being married to TJ, Naomi being married to Jimmy Uso, Brie Bella being married to Daniel Bryan and of course Nikki Bella dating John Cena it’s not surprising that these were the particular divas chosen for the reality show. Even in Summer Rae’s case when she first appeared on the show she was seen flirting with Fandango, her in ring boyfriend at the time.

By specifically concentrating on the divas in romantic relationships with the wrestlers, E! virtually doubled the cast of the show since each lady is often seen interacting with her significant other on camera. This adds an element to the show that viewers love since most of the viewers of Total Divas are women and most women enjoy watching reality show couples.

There is also guaranteed drama when you take several couples and film their social activities, as Total Divas does. The cast (guys and girls) were seen celebrating a night out to mark the occasion of Eva Marie’s wedding to her new husband Jonathan. They have also been seen celebrating each other’s birthdays and even took a trip to Las Vegas together. These events are always good for some drama and intrigue. In one infamous scene Natalya got herself into hot water when she repeatedly drunk dialed Stephanie McMahon, daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, to complain about her standing in the company.

Other events saw the divas arguing with each other and with their significant others as well. Some of these arguments happened at their homes but many of them happened in public too. The drama between each couple is a big part of what has kept the show going this season and will continue to keep it going in the second half of the season, debuting in January of 2015.

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That means viewers will have to wait weeks upon weeks to see how Natalya and TJ’s marriage is fairing as well as the fate of Nikki and John’s relationship. The new year will be here before viewers finally get to see how Daniel Bryan is recovering from a broken neck and whether a return to the wrestling ring is in his near future. Viewers will also find out what newlywed life is like for Eva Marie and Jonathan.

The WWE is great at stringing viewers along with their storylines both in the ring and on Total Divas. Pairing with the E! Network has allowed them to become even more of a powerhouse and this means that they have no problem making viewers wait all this time to see what the second half of the season will bring. They know that the long break in new episodes will only get viewers more intrigued and continue to peak their interest in the show.

Each diva brings something unique to the show and between the entire cast there are many different personalities which is an instant recipe for the kind of drama that guarantees ratings for the network. The divas were likely chosen for this show based on who the fans and viewers have the most interest in as well as who is the most personable.

No other reality TV show cast is quite like the cast of Total Divas. These women (and the men they love and/or love to hate) bring a unique energy to the world of reality TV and are helping to keep the genre alive. Frequent promotion of Total Divas on WWE programming ensures that viewers all over the world will tune in to see what their favorite divas are up to when they are not in the wrestling ring. The show will likely continue to attract new viewers and act as promotional material for the already ridiculously popular WWE for many years to come.