TOTAL DIVAS Spotlight On the Bella Twins

total divas bella twins spotlight

Of all the WWE divas that make up the cast of Total Divas most of the action centers on Brie and Nikki Bella. The duo has been wrestling in a WWE ring since 2008. Brie Bella was the first to appear and Nikki was introduced as Brie’s twin shortly afterwards. When Brie made her debut part of her gimmick was to disappear under the wrestling ring and magically reappear rested and refreshed. In all actuality what was happening was that Brie was ducking under the ring and Nikki was popping up, posing as Brie. Once the WWE finally let the cat out of the bag that Brie has a twin sister in Nikki they two began working storylines with the other wrestlers where they would participate in matches against other tag teams.

total divas bella twins spotlight

Brie and Nikki got their start in wrestling in 2007 with Florida Championship Wrestling before they signed with WWE. Florida Championship Wrestling is the training grounds all future WWE wrestlers go through. Upon completing their time at FCW Brie debuted on Smackdown. Once she and Nikki were established WWE divas they were moved to Monday Night RAW during the Supplemental Draft of 2009, where they are today. Later in 2009 they were briefly transferred to ECW, a now defunct WWE brand. They also appeared on WWE Superstars at the same time. A divas trade in October of 2012 brought the twins back to Monday Night RAW. At that point they were involved in backstage antics but didn’t get in the wrestling ring very much. Once they got back in the ring on a more regular basis they began rivalries with Maryse and Jillian Hall. This led to a tag team match that pit Maryse and Jillian Hall against Brie and Nikki Bella, who emerged victorious.

Over the course of their first few years with WWE the two were involved in storyline romances with other tag team partners. This eventually led to a storyline romance that mirrored the real life romance of Brie and Daniel Bryan, who are now married in real life as viewers of Total Divas already know.

The Bella twins participated in season three of NXT, which is a WWE show for those who want to become professional wrestlers. The girls participated in the show to act as a mentor for NXT contestant Jamie. However, one wrestler is voted out at the end of each episode and Jamie was voted out on the first one for season three.

There was a period in 2012 and 2013 where the Bella Twins left the WWE and briefly worked for some independent wrestling federations. During that time they participated in a show for Northeast Wrestling and CTWE Pro Wrestling, where they did nothing more than walk other wrestlers to the ring. Shortly after Brie and Nikki returned to the WWE in 2013, Total Divas made its debut. On a side note, the Bella Twins had originally entered WWE’s Diva Search in 2006 but at that time they didn’t even make the cut.

bella twins from total divas 2015

During Wrestlemania 29 Brie and Nikki were supposed to have a match against the Funkadactyls, another WWE female tag team. Unfortunately the match was cut from Wrestlemania at the last minute because of time constraints. Instead the match took place on the next night’s Monday Night RAW and was won by the Funkadactyls. Shortly after Wrestlemania 29, Nikki accidently fractured her tibia.

When Total Divas made its debut in July of 2013 rivalries were immediately started between the Bella twins and Natalya and the twins and A.J. Lee. Shortly after the show began Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan got engaged. Upon finding out about this turn of events the WWE incorporated it into both Total Divas and Monday Night RAW storylines.

By April of 2014 Brie Bella was involved in a WWE storyline with Daniel Bryan that was played out on Monday Night RAW. The storyline dealt with WWE chairman Vince McMahon and daughter Stephanie, threatening to fire Brie if Daniel Bryan didn’t relinquish the company’s World Heavyweight Championship title and belt because he was injured and couldn’t compete. Brie then “quit” the WWE and wasn’t seen again until three months later where her arrest for trespassing was staged to help move along the story line.

These busy girls, in addition to wrestling and filming Total Divas, have also appeared on other shows and in the movie Confessions of a Womanizer, which was an independent film. In 2013 Nikki Bella was a celebrity judge for the Miss USA Pageant. In 2014 the twins were presenters at the MTV Music Awards in Europe. They presented the award for Best Female.

A piece of trivia that most people don’t know about the Bella twins is that Nikki Bella got married at the age of 20 to the man she called her high school sweetheart.  After three years the marriage was annulled and as viewers of Total Divas know, Nikki is now dating John Cena. Many people also are not aware of the fact that Nikki is qualified to be a real estate agent. A trivia tidbit about Brie is that she is an animal rights advocate and has used Total Divas to raise animal rights awareness.

Suffice it to say the cameras love Brie and Nikki Bella, no matter what they are doing. They have a presence that makes it hard not to watch every move they make. These two truly are the heart of Total Divas and have probably brought more to the show than any other divas that have participated or will participate in future seasons.

Fans all over the world tune in every week to see what the Bella twins are up to now. One thing is sure; life is never dull for these two ladies. They always have something going on and even when you can tell one of them or both of them is having a bad day they still exude beauty other women only dream of.